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Scaling Your Campground With the RMS Reservation Management System

Planning ahead is critical when growing your campground or RV park business. To scale your business, you need a foundation to support that growth.

Do you have the operational capacity and capability to grow?

An effective campground business plan for scaling will include an investment in technology. Let’s take a look at how RMS’ reservation management system delivers the technology tools and features you need to scale effectively.


Using the RMS Reservation Management System To Scale

The RMS reservation management system is all-in-one software that provides the tools and integrations you need to run your outdoor property efficiently so you are prepared to handle growth.


RMS Is a Cloud-based Solution With a Single Dashboard

You need the right campground reservation system to scale your business, and a cloud-based solution with a single dashboard will help you attain your scaling goals more quickly and efficiently.

Cloud-based Solution for Streamlined Management

Cloud-based platforms eliminate the expensive maintenance, product upgrades, and energy costs associated with on-site servers. The cloud-based RMS reservation management system gives your campground the flexibility it needs to keep up with a dynamic market, which is essential to scale your campground business.

As your business grows, you will need the ability to log in anywhere at any time. As a cloud-based solution, RMS provides streamlined access and other benefits you will need to scale your business.

Real-time data, information, and communications for you, your staff, and your campers help avoid errors that become more likely during periods of growth and change.

Increased security to protect personal camper information and your business data is essential as transactional volume increases.

Improved multi-property management with a holistic view of all your properties is critical if you plan on adding an additional property.

Single Dashboard to Reduce Complexity

Gone are the days when you need individual login credentials for each software platform you need to run your business. RMS reservation management software eliminates the need to log in and out of multiple websites for each business program you use.

RMS offers a centralized platform that makes it easier for your staff to navigate through multiple technologies. Its single dashboard provides seamless data sharing between all platform integrations you and your team use. For example, you can pull booking data to build a custom report – without having to log in and out of multiple programs to do so. As business growth means increased operational requirements, the right tools are essential to do more with less demand on you and your staff.


RMS Enables Efficient Processes

Organizational efficiency is critical when running a campground or RV park, especially when your business is growing. RMS optimizes campground reservation management to improve operational efficiency. 

Modernized Reservation Management

With over 40 years of experience, RMS understands best practices and provides the tools that streamline efficiency. Campground reservation management is easier than ever with RMS’ intuitive dashboard and robust features like the Booking Chart, Group Allotment Tools, integrated payment processing, and more.

These features save your staff time, optimize property and reservation management, and enable you and your team to manage increased bookings — and complexities — as your campground business expands.

Direct Booking, Channel Management, and Dynamic Pricing

To achieve increased bookings and revenue, you need to be found online, display accurate rates, and automate processes. Simply put, to scale your campground, you need direct booking, channel management, and dynamic pricing. Each of these tools contributes to increased revenue, increased profit, and streamlined operations as you scale.

Direct Booking. Part of scaling your business means you need to increase revenue and decrease expenses. RMS includes an industry-leading Internet Booking Engine (IBE) that will help you do just that.

Channel Management. Online travel agencies (OTAs) can get your campground seen by more people and get you more reservations. As you start listing your campground in more channels to drive growth, you can, unfortunately, face the issue of double bookings or inconsistent rates. RMS includes a built-in, two-way integration with hundreds of channels that ensures accurate information is displayed everywhere.

Dynamic Pricing Tool. One of the most effective ways to increase revenue and scale your business is to adjust your rates to market demand. RMS’ Dynamic Pricing Tool allows you to automate your pricing and streamline your rates. This not only increases revenue but also creates additional capacity for your managers and the front desk team to focus on creating great memories for more campers than ever before.

Camper Experience Tools

Your scaling plans may not succeed unless your guests are highly satisfied with their adventure. RMS camper experience tools make it easier for campers to engage with you today and in the future.

RMS includes a native guest portal so your campers can easily track and manage their reservations, check in and out using their mobile device, communicate directly with you and your staff, and more. This allows you to focus on what really matters — enhancing the guest experience at scale.

That is where RMS Guest Rewards comes in. This feature allows you to set up your own rewards program designed specifically for your property to encourage return visits and engage loyalty from your guests.

With an intuitive camper portal, amazing amenities, and rewards, your guests will be eager to return, and your time can be funneled into growing your business more effectively.


Business Intelligence to Grow Your Outdoor Property

A lack of data visibility can prevent you from successfully scaling your business.

As you scale, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t, which means you need to track data regarding all business functions. RMS’ reservation management system includes robust Business Intelligence (BI) Tools for operational, revenue, and expense management decisions.

Operational decisions. RMS BI Tools let you identify and correct potential problems and proactively improve operations to grow your business. For example, channel management data can help you nurture the most productive channels to increase bookings and revenue from those channels.

Revenue management and reporting. Revenue trend analysis and active revenue management give you the insight you need to predict demand and maximize revenue based on data. With hundreds of predefined reports and the ability for customized reporting, the RMS Dashboard gives you a real-time view of revenue so you can make the right decisions as you scale.

Expense management. Preparing to grow your business is the perfect time to analyze costs and find ways to reduce expenses. When you examine where you have historically spent money and analyze how those expenditures align with occupancy, you will be able to identify cost variables and make changes.


Your Outdoor Property and Reservation Management System


RMS has helped many outdoor properties scale their operations. However, here is the most important question.

How can we help you scale your outdoor property? 

Download our “Reservation Software Vendor Comparison Guide” today for a side-by-side feature comparison of leading campground reservation management solutions. Discover just how RMS Reservation Management System stacks up in terms of:

  • Training and Support
  • Contracts and Pricing
  • OTA Channel Management
  • Integrations
  • Payment Processing
  • Onboarding Time Frame
  • Marketing Features
  • Mobile Check-in and Check-out
  • Property Capabilities


Access your free guide today!

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