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Chat with your guests by text  

RMS knows how important it is for you to communicate efficiently with your guests. Our SMS texting functionality is crucial to your marketing strategy and day-to-day operations. 


The power of 2-way SMS

Discover the benefits & functionality of texting in RMS. 

Simplify sending important messages to your guests

RMS 2-Way SMS empowers you to notify your current visitors of something urgent, communicate reminders to incoming guests, or extend promotions to past visitors. With this module, you can send and receive messages from right within your database. 

RMS was built to make your guest communication strategy simple, customizable, and effective for your business. Some of the tools available to RMS SMS users are:

  • Scheduled correspondences
  • Centralized message center
  • Incoming message notifications
  • Ability to allow or prevent SMS replies
  • Ability to create custom SMS templates
Couple receiving SMS

Frequently Asked Questions 

2-Way SMS

How do I get started?
To get started, submit a request through the Module Market. 
How much does 2-way SMS cost?

Implementation: $175

Subscription: $35/month 

Per Message Fees: FREE

Where is 2-way SMS available?

2-Way SMS is fully available in the US, Canada*, and the Bahamas.

One-way SMS is available in Mexico.

*Toll free number must be fully verified before Canadian recipients will successfully be able to receive any SMS.

Is there a registration wait time?
After submission to the carrier, there is a 4-8 week time for full registration.
Can I choose my phone number?
Not, at this time your phone number will be generated automatically.
Are there daily messaging limits?

No! Once the carrier has fully registered the number (4-8 weeks), there are no daily messaging limits.

Can I use link shorteners?
No. At this time the public whitelisted URL is required for your messages.
How is 2-way SMS regulated?

Carriers are required to abide by regulatory rules, including: 

  • TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)
  • CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association)
  • Carrier Networks/MNOs
How do I get help?
You can view our Help Center for articles on 2-Way SMS, or contact Support for additional help.

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