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Outdoor property management training

RMS University

Owning and operating an outdoor property means juggling a lot. At RMS we help you run your business with ease by providing a comprehensive online training portal, RMS University.

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Become a hospitality expert with RMS University

RMS University is a series of comprehensive e-learning courses created by our expert Training Team. We'll guide you through using all aspects of the RMS platform. 

Getting started is easy


Training Tools

During onboarding, your dedicated trainer will assign you tailored courses - you just need to log in to access.

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Free Courses

With hundreds of free courses, any RMS client can access the RMS University portal without logging in.


Become a Pro

Learn how to operate your RMS system like an expert with our comprehensive library of learning courses. 

Discover the power of RMS U

Check out a few highlights of the hundreds of courses that can be accessed through RMS University.

Rates for your property

What you charge guests matters. With RMS you can build rates that fit the needs of your property and visitors. Here are a few rate types that you can learn to build in RMS:

  • Nightly/Daily Rate Build
  • Hourly Rate Build
  • Extended Stay Rate Build
  • Derived Rate Build
  • Package Rates
  • Repeat Charge Rate
  • Long Stay Charge Rate 
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Operational Modules

Every property operates differently, that's why the RMS system empowers users to configure their system to meet their unique needs. Here are a few topics you can learn about:

  • Housekeeping Configuration
  • Housekeeping Reports & Staff Portal Tasks
  • Housekeeping Charts & Task Assignment
  • Meter Configuration
  • Utility Meter Processing
  • Online Options
  • Internet Booking Engine 
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The most important part of running an outdoor property is getting and managing reservations. With the RMS system there are various ways to manage reservations, and we can train you on all of them:

  • Quick Quote Reservations
  • Booking Chart Reservations
  • Availability Chart Reservations
  • The Make Reservation Feature
  • Master Reservations
  • Groups
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Frequently asked questions

RMS University
Do I need to purchase access to RMS U?

During training, you may be assigned onboarding courses by your trainer. Your trainer will create an account for you to access those courses. 

Otherwise, there are many free courses available to you whether you're a new user or just want a refresh on a topic! You can access these without a login by visiting

What other learning tools does RMS provide?

RMS has many resources available for onboarding, training, and support to help you get started, including:

As an RMS customer, you can also access 24/7 support with our knowledgeable customer service team. 

How do I get help?

During training, contact your Training Specialist. After go-live, you can contact support at 858-427-1200, submit a service request through your database, or reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. 

Which browser works best for RMS U?

RMS University is accessible from the browser of your choice. 

For your RMS database to run as efficiently as possible, check out our Minimum System Requirements.