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We're dedicated to driving innovation & listening to our clients so we can continue to build a product they love.

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For more information about our product development and the enhancements below, please check the release notes in your database, or get in touch with us directly. 


APRIL 2023
Introducing our new smart meter partners

Are you still manually reading your meters? We have smart meter partners who can do the heavy lifting for you and your marina or RV guests, with real-time meter reads that feed into your RMS database. With this technology, your guests can remotely switch their meters on and off, spending more time with their family and not in your office.

MARCH 2023
The Guest Portal has a new look & feel

This design refresh makes accessing the RMS Guest Portal smoother than ever by streamlining the login process and removing extra steps. 

What's new in the RMS Guest Portal:

  • Setting passwords & logging in with reservation details is no longer required
  • Guests will log in with their email or phone number & will receive a secure, one-time access code to verify their identity
  • Once logged in, the Guest Portal stays the same — the features your guests love will remain right at their fingertips

Learn more about the Guest Portal and this week's update on our Guest Portal page & in our Help Center articles.


2302_Guest Portal Release_Tablet 1_Enter Details

An efficient new rate feature is now in Beta

Check out this latest feature upgrade — overriding multiple rates at once — available to Beta users now and coming to everyone later this spring. 

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Analytics bubble


Updates in 2022


Guest statistics are now inside the client record


Ready to learn more about your guests and their behavior across all of your properties?

Now, you can view a breakdown of each guest's activity across all properties in your group, including:

  • The properties they've visited & date of stay
  • Redeemed rates & room types
  • Number of visits & total revenue for each guest

Users can only view Guest Statistics for properties on their Security Profile.

Learn more from our Help Center article.


Group bookings are now master bookings


Group Bookings inside RMS are now called Master Bookings to better reflect the impact of further enhancements to Master Booking reservations.

All functionality remains the same; however, you will notice "Master Booking" has replaced the phrase "Group Booking" across the RMS 9+ platform and in our communications and support language moving forward.

Check out our Help Center article here.

Feature 4 - Allotment Categories


We've got new booking management features


  • Easily view rates with the new column view on the master reservation screen
  • Clearly see default rates when dragging & dropping on the booking screen
  • Add-ons automatically adjust when reservations are extended
  • Conveniently convert any confirmed reservation to a pencil reservation
  • Perform room moves for interconnecting reservations without hassle


Benefit from Direct Bookings SM


Now there are even more housekeeping management features


  • Stay on top of tasks with each room clean status clearly visible on the job screen
  • Keep track of current in-progress cleans and staff movement around the property
  • Easily view which staff are on leave across individual properties
  • Let staff pause in-progress cleans and track activity in housekeeping lists
  • View maintenance screens right away upon login

    Don't forget! Housekeeping staff will now log into RMS 9+ (rather than a separate portal) using their housekeeping credentials.

    Learn more here. 

    Check out our Help Center articles here.

Housekeeping Reports_clean


Embrace flexibility with enhanced meal plan customizations


Existing and adjusted meal plans appear on the to-do chart for each reservation, allowing your team to dynamically respond to adjustments and deliver meals without a hitch.

Check out our Help Center article here.

Product Update 2209_Feature 4_Meal Plans


Stay informed with pre-check-in alerts and central management


Our document and photo upload features allow you to easily request, monitor, and manage everything you need from your guests before arrival. Now, you'll receive notifications straight to your message center every time a guest completes a task needed for their stay.

This helps your team avoid backlogs of work, missing documents, and awkward conversations when your guests arrive by monitoring & reminding them of any outstanding actions ahead of time – all while further improving the contactless check-in experience.

Check out our Help Center article here.

Product Update 2209_Feature 3_Pre-Check-In Alerts (1)


We added new IBE features to improve the booking experience 


The Internet Booking Engine is your guest's first impression of your property – and its functionality and streamlined user experience are key to successful bookings. Deliver a smooth booking experience right from your own website with our fully responsive IBE.

Building on RMS's existing fully interactive and customizable IBE, ongoing enhancements are designed to give your guests control over their bookings, preferences, and package experiences at your property.

  • Areas marked as dirty can now be made unavailable to guests in real-time when booking via your IBE
  • Guests can now book facilities across multiple dates and reservations, based on property configurations and availability
  • Enable multiple rate options and configurations for group bookings made via your IBE

Check out our Help Center articles here.

RMS 2210 Live Release_IBE_op


Reach more than just the primary guest on a reservation 


Now, you can easily communicate with multiple guests for each reservation. By using our enhanced merge letter feature paired with triggered correspondence and your existing communication strategy, you can now send reservation details, changes, and requirements to any number of guests on a reservation.

Check out our Help Center articles here.

Product Update 2209_Feature Image 1_Group Details


Supporting Global Enterprises 


At its core, RMS is built with Enterprise structure and effortlessly efficient management in mind – and these enhancements are no different. In this release, we've improved financial management and accountability, making it easier for you to manage guests and their credits and debts at both individual and enterprise levels based on your property's needs.

  • Create client accounts across properties
  • Assign and manage credit transfers
  • ACH files for direct debits & credit card processing
  • Aged debtor vs credit limit reports
  • Add credit limits to guest profiles
All in one_RV Parks_compressed


Introducing Our Newest Integrated Partners


Discover our newest partners joining our technology and hardware stack of 550+ innovative industry leaders, directly integrating with the RMS platform at the touch of a button. Whether you're looking to expand your reach by connecting with the world's most popular OTAs, streamline your EOFY processes with accounting support, or make sure your guests have crisp, clean linens at all times – there's a partner to power it with RMS.

2210 Live Release_Partner_Salto_op

SALTO delivers the most advanced, flexible, and secure access control solutions for all types of industry applications, providing higher levels of security through reusable, contactless RFID smart key cards.

2210 Live Release_Partner_Saflok_op

The Saflok series by Dormakaba offers Bluetooth Low Energy locks that allow guests to use their mobile devices as their room key to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiencies.


2210 Live Release_Partner_Ariane_op

Ariane Systems is the world leader in providing self-check-in and out solutions for the hotel industry – making check-in safe, simple, and efficient for every type of property.

Create loyalty programs that translate into real value


Reward your guests for every transaction made at your property with our new Guest Loyalty by Spend rewards program. Expanding on our previous Loyalty by Points offering, you can now configure your loyalty program to accumulate redeemable currency.

Having a real, tangible value associated with your rewards program creates strong brand sentiment and a sense of tangible value for your guests, while helping them envision how they will redeem rewards across your property.

Feature 7 - Guest Loyalty by Spend


Create unforgettable experiences with customized allotment areas


Typically, allotments are created to benefit the property or booking agent by filling particular rooms and offering discounted rates. Now, you can further customize your allotment offering with the additional option to select and make available individual areas in your property.

Configure allotments that meet specific guest requests or drive memorable experiences – whether it's providing a wedding party with views overlooking the ceremony area, or providing conference guests with the shortest commute to meeting and event space.

Google Hotel Ads_Users 1


Reward guests for booking multiple stays in a single transaction


Encourage guests to stay with you longer and more often by rewarding them with discounts previously not available. Now, you can apply multiple night discounts usually reserved for single, long stay bookings to multiple bookings made in a single transaction – as long as the total nights booked meets your quota.

Check out our Help Center article here.

Feature 1 - Multiple Nights


Let your guests view their projected balances


Keep your guests informed with projected balances that include all requirements, add-ons, transfers, and rates associated with a reservation, calculating the full balance before checkout. Our projected balance tools allows you to include all costs marked against a guests account across their stay, before all charges are posted to their account.

Check out our Help Center article here.

Projected Invoice Balances


Set up balance reminders & loyalty triggers


Communicate more efficiently with your guests by using reminders for debit and credit balances, and even automate outreach around loyalty program incentives and birthday rewards. New reminders and triggers include: 

  • Debit Balances: Remind guests to pay outstanding invoices when target balance is reached.
  • Credit Balances: Re-engage with guests and encourage them to use the credits on their accounts.
  • Loyalty Sign-on: Reward guests for joining your loyalty program with custom incentives.
  • Birthday Vouchers: Send your guests a custom voucher or discount to redeem for their birthday.

Check out our Help Center articles here.

Balancy and Loyaly Triggers


Enjoy an expanded Monitored Trigger screen


Manage requests for leases, rental agreements, property reports, and insurance certificates, all in one place. Check document statuses, review and approve uploads, and remind guests of requirements without jumping between reservations or leaving the monitored trigger screen.

Learn more about monitored triggers on the Help Center.

Monitored Trigger Screen-1


Access enhanced housekeeping reporting


With the brand-new Housekeeper Productivity Report, you can view housekeeping "time spent" for each room and task while keeping track of assigned tasks for the day.

Discover more on this and other Staff Portal features in the RMS Help Center.

Housekeeping Reports_clean


Offer expanded custom sundry packages


Expand your package offering and customize rewards, incentives, and bonuses for your guests. You can even nominate which sundry charges can be used as consumption credits and set up package components. These can be allocated to the guest account and consume the credit until exhausted.

Learn more about sundry packages in the RMS Help Center.

Feature 10 - Sundries as Consumption


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