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All-in-one RV Park management with the powerful RMS platform

Naples Motorcoach & Boat Club
9 Luxury RV Resorts in California and Florida
RV Resort property management solution
Emreald desert RV resort
Upscale amenities and robust experiences that were once exclusive to luxury hotels

Since 1983, Sunland RV Resorts has elevated the art of outdoor hospitality, providing the safest and most satisfying way to travel. Its nine resorts across California and Florida offer the upscale amenities and robust experiences that were once exclusive to luxury hotels. Sunland believes in connecting people to the beauty of the great outdoors with its classic RV parks, destination stops, and luxury resorts.

Business challenge
Software that empowers properties to notice cost variables & make changes  

Sunland needed a data-fueled solution that could show changes in meter usage and provide their team with the data they needed to lower costs. Water usage and corresponding costs increased by 20% from December 2019 to January 2020, and from January to February, costs increased by an additional 30%.

RMS technology-enabled staff to compare the water bill against occupancy levels, showing that although the resort’s occupancy rate was the same, the water bill kept increasing. The resort manager investigated the meter, uncovering a water leak, and within one month the property saved $4,000 on the water bill and another $4,000 on the corresponding sewage bill. 

RMS provides us with the tools to monitor expenses and find irregularities in resort costs and operations. If something is not tracking to budget, we then investigate the cause.

Phil Dore | Regional Manager & Auditor, Naples Motorcoach Resort & Boat Club and Silver Palms RV Resort
Product implementation
Marketing features and reporting a game-changer for these busy properties

In addition to RMS’s data helping Sunland identify high-cost issues with one of their meters, RMS marketing campaign functionality, paired with performance data, has enabled Sunland to gauge the success of their marketing efforts and track customer habits while identifying specific underperforming campaigns in order to achieve the highest possible ROI on their campaign and advertising budget.

Contactless check-ins that benefit the guest and the property

RMS provides a mobile-friendly guest portal to manage bookings, check-in and out, allows secure payments, and collect documents, creating guest records that making the properties' daily workflows seamless.

Navy_Rate Manager
Extensive reporting maximizes revenue & eases daily processes

RMS's 360 reporting tools help properties catch errors, identify high costs, provide easy access to daily occupancy, and provide the tools to enhance the guest experience.

Lavender BG
RMS has provided data solutions to some of Sunland's most crucial challenges.
Meter usage reporting paired with occupancy levels
White_Email Marketing
Marketing campaigns with performance tracking
White_Open API
Data collection during contactless check-in
White_Dynamic Pricing_1
$8,000+ saved immediately after using RMS data to identify issues
Sunland single RV

RMS’s collection of data and generation of human error-free reports allows us to consistently deliver an excellent guest experience. 

Phil Dore  Regional Manager & Auditor
Partner outcomes
RMS has delivered the right tools for Sunland RV Resorts to grow revenue and customer satisfaction

RMS designs reports based on the science of guest data, enabling all of Sunland's properties to productively conduct day-to-day operations, ensuring a positive guest experience.

With daily arrival reports, Sunland has been able to efficiently assign RVs to their correct lots, also granting customers spots with their requested ideal views. RMS reporting allows maintenance staff to check utility meters before a guest’s arrival, enabling them to accurately assess a guest’s utility usage and charge them appropriately upon departure. 

RMS's reporting tools, marketing features, and extensive experience in the outdoor industry has enabled Sunland to effectively run their properties with real-time solutions.


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