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Online Reservations with RMS

Add Real-Time, Direct Booking Capabilities to Your Website

RMS offers a convenient, all-in-one outdoor reservation management solution, featuring a complete set of features designed to enhance the booking experience. 

RMS gives you the right tools to simplify your online booking and operational processes to maximize your revenue — in one centralized solution.

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Provide an Enhanced Booking Experience for Your Guests 

Your guests prefer to book their reservations online, but they don’t want the experience to be difficult. Instead, they want a straightforward process with the most up-to-date rates, availability, and easy payment processing. 

The comprehensive reservation management abilities of the RMS platform provide a simple booking experience for your guests while optimizing your operations.

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Integrated Internet Booking Engine for Direct Online Reservations

Provide a modernized booking experience for your guests with our user-friendly online reservation tools. The RMS Internet Booking Engine (IBE) allows guests to easily make direct online reservations from any device using a “Book Now” button that can be added to your existing website. Real-time processing enables you to accept these direct online bookings from anywhere at any time.

Fully integrated with the RMS PMS, the native online reservation system powers direct bookings, delivers the information your guests need in an easily accessible format, and gives you the confidence that availability and rates are always up to date.

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Automate Pricing With Dynamic Rate Management

Manual price adjustments require the time and energy you need elsewhere, but adjusting prices based on market demands, high-traffic weekends, and holiday rates — known as dynamic pricing — maximizes your revenue

With integrated pricing model tools, our comprehensive online reservation platform automatically adjusts pricing based on your pre-defined occupancy rules and parameters. 

Dynamic rate management is built into the RMS PMS, providing you with the tools you need to manage your property effectively.

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Reach more guests with built-in distribution

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) offer a way to expand your business’s reach and drive more bookings. 

The RMS Channel Manager is a two-way integration with hundreds of channels and OTAs, updating all rates and availability in real-time between RMS, the Internet Booking Engine, and channels. 

Channel management with RMS includes: 

  • Automatic channel rate, rules, and availability updates
  • Compatibility with dynamic rate management
  • OTA performance reports for easy cost-effectiveness analysis

The integrated Channel Manager saves you time and ensures consistent and accurate rates, rules, and availability information across all channels with the click of a mouse. 

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Simplified Online Reservation Management

Our all-in-one reservation system gives you the tools to simplify your day-to-day operations, and enables your guests to easily complete bookings. Easily manage reservations with the following features:

  • Guests can book a space directly from an Interactive Map
  • Contactless check-ins and check-outs with our Guest Portal
  • Group bookings management and customization with our Group Allotment tools
  • Staff can adjust bookings from a drag-and-drop booking chart

The RMS reservation and property management system simplifies and enhances your guest's online guest booking experience and streamlines your behind-the-scenes operations — all in one centralized solution.

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Discover how RMS can unlock your business potential

To discover how RMS can streamline online reservations and achieve your business objectives by overcoming the unique challenges of outdoor properties, request a personalized demo.