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5 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Reservation System

As an outdoor property manager, you have many hats to wear and very little time to wear them. Having an efficient reservation system in place is a must-have to help you avoid some of the challenges you and your staff would face without the right software. 

A cloud-based booking software may be a good option to help your team be more productive and can also provide a great experience for your guests. Here are the advantages of switching to a cloud-based reservation system.

1. Accessibility and Communications

With cloud-based booking software, you can easily access guest data and manage your bookings anytime and anywhere. Even if you are on vacation, you can check your bookings without having to physically be there (because everyone deserves time away from the desk). 

Get real-time updates and communications while you’re on site at your campground, RV park,  or marina using your mobile device. Even if your employees aren’t with you, you can all stay on the same page.

Managing multiple properties is made easier when reservation management software applies to all of your properties. Manage your properties all in one place for a holistic view of your business so nothing falls through the cracks. 

2. Improved Guest Experience

Guest details and requests can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, this happens just minutes after you have left the property. Missed changes and requests can leave your employees and your guests feeling unsupported, or worse, with a negative experience of your property. Since you can manage guest details, requests, and comments with your cloud-booking software from anywhere, you have the ability to communicate with your guests to adjust to their needs quickly. For example, the cloud-based tech offers mobile check-in so your guests can enjoy the accommodations on their own schedule. This flexibility is an easy way to improve the guest experience for every booking.  .

3. Increased Operational Efficiency

Increase your staff’s productivity by taking advantage of automations and integrations. A cloud-based management system allows for more connectivity between the tools you use every day. Since the platform is not stored on your devices, it’s easier for the system to push updates and develop partnerships with popular industry software. Implementing connections between irreplaceable tech in your day-to-day with your cloud-based reservation and property management system for your front-desk operations, can reduce redundancies in your staff’s duties and lead to happier guests because they can more easily manage all aspects of their reservations.

Get access to automatic syncing of vital guest information, real-time updates, booking information, and data reports that provide insights for your business from all areas of your tech stack so you have a well-rounded view of your properties at any given time.

4. Affordability

A cloud-based reservation system eliminates costs since it does not require multiple servers or a dedicated IT department. This is an investment that increases your profitability over time because your guests will remember the positive experience they had due to faster response times, more convenient booking options, and customer experiences that appeal directly to them.

A cloud-based management system also eliminates the need for regular maintenance. The dreaded “update” notification on your screen and hefty downloads direct to your devices that both disrupt your time and weigh down your computers with tech are a thing of the past. 

5. Increased Security

Having a cloud-based booking software reduces the risk of data loss and security threats by storing your data in the cloud. 

It doesn’t matter if your device loses power while you are in the middle of entering or editing your guest information, because it’s saved automatically in the cloud and is not affected by power outages, a dropped device, or other typically disrupting issues.  

Similarly, a stolen device will not mean stolen personal information of your guests. Since a cloud-based booking software has a secure log-in process, security threats are diminished. 

Making the Switch Is a Win-Win for Operations

Switching to a cloud-based reservation management system can improve overall guest satisfaction and help you maintain your competitive advantage in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. 

And of course, the competitive advantage of making the switch to cloud-based software doesn’t cost you extra time just because you have multiple properties to manage. If anything, reservation and property management software can help you streamline your multiple properties’ interconnected operations with ease. This means less juggling for you, and more time to focus on improving the experience for every guest you serve.  You can download our guide to learn more.


Working smarter with a reservation management system  

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