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Business Insights

Make the right decisions with robust data insights

The RMS all-in-one reservation management and business reporting system unlocks the information needed to make the right decisions and the right moves for outdoor properties. With comprehensive features and an intuitive, powerful dashboard, our business intelligence tools garner actionable insights from the fully integrated PMS. 


Business Intelligence Tools From RMS

Business growth requires organizational visibility and data-based decision-making. For sustainable growth, you need a solution that not only houses your reservation, accounting, and operational data but also serves as your business reporting and analytics system. 
RMS consolidates and manages back-of-house operations with one dashboard that quickly organizes and shares data across all departments. Viewing and analyzing information about your business is straightforward with customizable reporting and cross-property analytics, all with security profiles that safeguard your data.

Robust Property Insights & Reporting Features

RMS provides a comprehensive business reporting module that allows you to make data-based decisions with confidence.  

Gain insight into your properties, your operations, and your financials with: 

  • Over 200 pre-defined reports
  • Scheduled reports that can be automatically sent to your email
  • The ability to customize your own operational reports
  • Your most used reports saved as favorites for instant access 

Fully integrated with your RMS reservation and property management system, RMS property insights and reporting give you a competitive advantage.


Customized Business Reporting and Dashboards

RMS Dashboard offers real-time snapshots of relevant business intelligence insights and data from your reservation and property management system so you can review your property's performance as often as you want or need to. 

The RMS Dashboard empowers you to make data-based business decisions with the ability to access information from anywhere, at any time, on any device with an internet connection.

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Cross-Property Analytics

Managing multiple properties is easier than ever with the RMS PMS. With RMS you can:

  • Manage all your properties from a single database
  • Share guest details and data across properties 
  • Seamlessly market to guests across properties
  • Maintain separate property branding 
  • Measure guest experience KPIs for each property
  • Gain insight into the organization as a whole while also accessing detailed reporting for individual properties

RMS cross-property analytics generate meaningful, accurate, and timely reports to inform decision-making.

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Safeguard Your Data with Security Profiles

RMS ensures that only approved administrators can influence your important data with the ability to set user-based permissions across all management features. These security profiles designate who can view business insight data and who can make adjustments to your data, reporting, and dashboards. 

With RMS Security Profiles, you can assign:

  • Team members can access view-only business intelligence reports
  • Users who are able to manage and schedule reports

Security Profiles and audit trails provide significant data safeguards.

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Discover How RMS Can Unlock Your Business Potential 

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