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Information for developers

Become an RMS integrated partner

Vendors of systems and devices that complement the functionality of RMS are welcome to develop interfaces to the RMS data. A range of Advanced Programmer Interfaces (API) are provided for this purpose. These APIs are intended for the use of suitably qualified IT professionals.

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Connect with RMS

To become an RMS Integration Partner or integrate with RMS you will need to:

The RMS Partner Portal allows vendors of third-party applications to submit a request to become an Integrated Partner. A one-time access fee is applied for use of the developer kit.

The Developer Kit purchase includes:
  • Access to all related documentation
  • Usernames and passwords for access to the test environment
  • RMS Certification
  • Assistance as required from the RMS technical services team
  • Company logo and contact details on the RMS partners page
  • Updates of any changes to the API
API Costs:
  • One-time partner setup: $550
  • Ad hoc development & consulting: $200 per hour



The RMS REST API acts as a gateway to the RMS database. It can be used to extract a broad subset of data for a range of uses. The information can be extracted periodically as an automated routine or on demand. This interface also allows for the updating and creation of new data as well as the posting of charges. 
Create an account in the RMS Partner Portal to purchase a Developer Kit and get your product in front of RMS customers.
Developer Kit: 
There are many uses for the RMS REST API which might include:

  • E-marketing solutions
  • Loyalty systems
  • Data correlation for group-wide reporting
  • Statistical reporting
  • POS
  • Kiosk
  • and much more
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