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RMS Modules

Enhance your RMS platform with integrated modules

From RMS-built modules to partner integrations, RMS has the tools you need to upgrade your database and enhance functionality.

The RMS Platform

Elevate Your Experience

Expand the functionality of your RMS platform.

Here's how to get started:

  • Access the Module Market in your database to purchase or activate one of the modules below. 
  • Take a look at our Partners Page for specifics on our partner network.
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a Service Request to our Support team.

Add-On Modules: RMS

Internet Booking Engine

The RMS proprietary Internet Boo
king Engine (IBE) provides a clean and detailed, but simple, direct booking experience for guests.  

When you activate the IBE Module, you get: 

  • A Book Now button on your website 
  • Property drop-down functionality (if operating an enterprise) 
  • Ability to add a DIY Interactive Map 
  • Display add-ons for inventory-counted items, such as bike rentals 
  • Display extras for sale, such as bundles of wood or champagne  
  • Display extras that guests can add to their carts before checking out 
  • Options to customize color themes, background images, headings, search options, property descriptions, site types, pricing, site images, and more
  • IBE bookings update availability in real time, across OTAs and all other sales channels 

- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team.

Learn more in our Internet Booking Engine Help Center articles.


Google Address Lookup

At RMS, we know that data accuracy is vital to business operations and reporting. Google Address Lookup is a helpful module for improving address accuracy by autocompleting a matching address from the results found on Google Maps.

This time-saving solution enables your staff to input accurate addresses while creating bookings, and benefits your guests when they add their address to the Guest Portal.  

- This is an enterprise-level module 

Learn more in our Google Address Lookup Help Center articles. 

2-Way SMS

The 2-Way SMS Module enables your staff to send and receive time-sensitive SMS text communications with your guests, whether notifying your current visitors of something urgent, or communicating reminders.  

Download: 2-Way SMS One-Pager

Learn more in our 2-Way SMS Help Center articles.

Guest Loyalty
The RMS Guest Loyalty program helps you engage guests by allocating points based on spending. As points accumulate, guests can redeem them for nightly stays or other items charged against their guest account.  

Determine redemption rules to best fit your business, such as:

  • Setting accrual rules & depreciation rules
  • Creating redemption guidelines
  • Enforcing expiration dates
  • Configuring exception dates and/or promotion periods 
  • Enabling guests to independently redeem their points to pay for their reservation in RMS, on the RMS Internet Booking Engine, or in the Guest Portal    

- Activate either Guest Loyalty By Spend (enterprise level) or Guest Loyalty By Points (property level) depending on your needs.

- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team.

Learn more in our Guest Loyalty Help Center articles.

Owner Accounting

The RMS Owner Accounting Module associates owners with your property-managed areas, units, and rooms. You’ll be able to automate revenue, expenses, and deductions to owners based on defined rules and setup options, as well as:

  • Accrue account postings for the owner over the course of the month   
  • Perform an end-of-month with multiple configuration options within RMS and export any data needed
  • Perform distribution electronically or with checks to owners as a part of the end-of-month process   
  • Earn a share of the reservation fees and receive a monthly module fee from the owner  

With RMS’s Owner Portal (included with Owner Accounting), owners can:

  • Access the portal from any device, anywhere
  • View their statements
  • Manage their own reservations
  • Reduce the extra work and cost of using a third-party for this service (that usually has no PMS functionality) 

- This is a property-level module 

- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team.

Learn more in our Owner Accounting Help Center articles.

POS Lite + Stock Control 

Upgrade RMS’s built-in POS Lite feature with this module, which offers full stock control, reordering, and reporting.  

Learn more in our Stock Control Help Center articles.

Electronic Digital Marketing (EDM)

Strengthen your guest engagement & retention strategy by targeting specific guests with relevant marketing emails. The Electronic Digital Marketing module (EDM) empowers your staff to design unlimited, unique email campaigns with the following features: 

  • Image gallery 
  • Custom colors  
  • Text Boxes & numerous font styles  
  • Smart merge fields 
  • Email campaigns to target audiences
  • Extensive reporting
  • Triggered/scheduled emails  

Finally, measure activity, including clicks, open rates, and unsubscribes with our extensive reporting.    

Learn in our Electronic Digital Marketing  Help Center articles.


Explore this and other marketing tools in the video below.


Event Management

The Event Management module in RMS allows for seamless management of events within your database, enabling you to plan and coordinate meetings, conferences, weddings, and more in detail. Features include: 

  • Configure different event types, such as weddings, conferences, and banquets
  • Create an event order document for staff use or guest itinerary
  • Set up an event layout, describing the event space requirements
  • Accept event reservations
  • Create a daily event schedule  
  • Create an event menu
  • Manage external service providers, like caterers or a photographer
  • Configure master event tasks to apply to one or all properties
  • Apply event charges to a reservation account 

Learn more in our Event Management Help Center articles.

Tour Desk
The RMS Tour Desk provides ticketing and tour management for events on your property, local must-see attractions, or other events hosted by external vendors.  

With the Tour Desk Module, you can: 

  • Create a custom tour, such as river rafting or a guided hike, with a detailed description
  • Create and assign a Tour Operator, with details like the company name, point of contact name, address, and phone number
  • Configure commissions (percentage or dollar amount)
  • Set pickup points and times
  • Configure different ticket types, such as Adult, Family, Child, etc.
  • Create custom ticket pricing for each tour
  • Include tour extras for purchase, like professional photos
  • Run reports on tour bookings 

Learn more in our Tour Desk Help Center articles. 

Channel Manager

The RMS Channel Manager enables direct connection to Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Distributors, and the GDS, including inventory and rates.

RMS’s built-in Channel Manager gives your business: 

  • Connections to some of the most popular hospitality industry booking platforms, including Airbnb,, and Pitchup. 
  • Detailed OTA performance reporting, so you can analyze data on commissions, YOY performance, and more to identify your OTA performance and make informed business decisions. 

- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team.

Download the Channel Management one-pager here.

Learn more in our Channel Manager Help Center articles.

Add-On Modules: Partners

For a full, inclusive list of our 550+ partners & integrations, please visit our Partners Page. 
Revenue Management Partners

We’ve got the best Revenue Management partners in the business so you can expand your functionality with features like automatic monitoring of competitor rates and detailed dashboards.

Take some of the work off your hands with one of these integrated partners: 

Learn more in our Revenue Management Help Center articles

Financial Interfaces

RMS offers you the ability to upload financial data directly into your accounting software. 

RMS is a powerful hub for accounting solutions that offer properties the financial visibility and tools necessary to operate a profitable business, with direct integrations to the most popular accounting software solutions, including:


yardi-systems               M3            quickbooks_logo

RMS also handles all of the mapping in the system, including GL Codes, T-Codes, and Financial Interface setup.    

- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team.

Learn more in our Financial Interface Help Center articles.  

Door Locks

RMS has integrations with access control systems, including electronic door locks and keycard entry systems, including:


Open Key           PointCentral


Learn more in our Door Lock Help Center articles.

Smart Meters

RMS partners with Smart Meter companies so that your energy usage is monitored, billed, and reported on correctly, whether you operate a marina or an RV park. 

Automate billing, reduce labor expenses, and increase sustainability with these partners:


Wild Energy Logo       MarineSync Logo


RMS works with Boomgate (access control) systems to provide control access and entry gates to your properties. This tool allows you to assign a unique code to a guest, set start and expiration dates, and monitor entries and exits, all within the RMS system.

  • Code format and other options depend on the access control interface used.
  • The 2-Way SMS module lets you send access codes as an SMS.
  • Use Form Letters to provide a uniform access code message to guests upon arrival.
  • Customize system labels, such as vehicle registration, to collect the information you need.
  • Set up alternate users so your guests can provide codes to their visitors.  

- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team.

Learn more in our Boomgate Help Center articles.  

In addition to RMS integrated partners, RMS connects to Comtrol, which includes hundreds of additional interface options. 

About Comtrol

"Hotels and property management software providers worldwide use Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol Lodging Link to connect property management systems (PMS) with peripheral service systems (GSS devices). These systems include standard guest services systems like phone systems, keyless locks, room energy management, television services, and on-site POS systems."

Learn more here.




- This module requires some training + setup with our Implementation Team. 

API Access | Partner Portal

In addition to RMS integrated partners & our connection to Comtrol, RMS has a Partner Portal that allows vendors of third-party applications to submit a request to become an integrated partner through our API.

Learn more about this process and associated costs on our Developer page.


Plug & Play Modules: RMS

DIY Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps can be shown on your Internet Booking Engine or in your database, making viewing availability easier for guests and your staff. If something changes at your property, the DIY feature enables you to make edits to your map without reaching out to support.  

Interactive Maps reflect inventory availability in real time, and you and your guests can hover over a site to view photos, a description, and to click to make a booking.  

Learn more in our Interactive Map Help Center articles



POS Lite
RMS’s built-in POS system has all the features you need for retail sales, including: 

  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Barcode scanning
  • Secure payment processing
  • Discount types
  • Charge-backs to the guest’s room

Extensive reporting tools let you view data on sales, inventory, and more, with reports including Stock on Hand and Sundry Charge reports. 

- RMS POS Lite is included with the base subscription. 

Learn more in our POS lite Help Center articles.  
2-Way Email
Activate the 2-Way Email Module to send and receive important correspondences with your guests, with their responses populating in the RMS Message Center.  

Email conversations are recorded on the Guest Profile & Reservation Correspondence tabs. 

Check out the Electronic Digital Marketing (EDM) Module (above) for even more email marketing functionality. 

Learn more in our 2-Way Email Help Center articles
Guest Portal


Personalized to your brand, the RMS Guest Portal offers your guests options to independently complete reservation processes.  

The mobile-friendly guest portal offers guests the following optional functions: 

  • 24/7 contactless reservation management 
  • Contactless check-in & out and estimated arrival time 
  • Pre-check-in with customizable requirements, such as Covid screening questions 
  • Keep their profile up-to-date 
  • Message with your staff
  • Upload documents, complete Terms & Conditions, and fill out custom contracts
  • Review & redeem their earned rewards (for properties with Guest Rewards)  
  • Express check-out (quick checkout, including payment via URL)

Finally, show your guests their total stay amount, required deposit, and remaining balance details all in one place. With just one click, guests can access the Pay Now screen to complete quick, secure payments. 

Download our Guest Portal one-pager here.

Learn more in our Guest Portal Help Center articles.


Corporate Portal

The RMS Corporate Portal gives you the option to grant reservation management access to Travel Agents or other companies. They'll have their own URL and login credentials so they can manage their own reservations without interfering with your day-to-day operations. 

If you're using an enterprise database with more than one property, you can configure the Corporate Portal to have either enterprise or property level access.


Learn more in our Corporate Portal Help Center articles.

Staff Portal

The Staff Portal enables your housekeeping, maintenance, and other staff to view work orders, add charges, take progress notes, and complete tasks on the go from their mobile-friendly devices.  

With this portal, you & your staff can also:

  • Log-in & view allocated tasks
  • Manage tasks by setting them to In Progress, Priority, Completed, Clean, Do Not Disturb, Not Required, and more
  • Messaging (within the Housekeeping tab)


Learn more in our Staff Portal Help Center articles.

Message Center

The RMS Message Center in RMS 9+ enables your staff to communicate amongst themselves, i.e. housekeeping informing the front desk of a room charge. 

The Message Center isn't just for internal staff use though - you can also respond to guest messages from the Guest Portal, SMS, or email, as well as:

  • View reservation notifications
  • See action required for scheduled reports 
  • Corporate Portal messaging

Learn more in our Message Center Help Center articles. 

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