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Using RMS Software’s Rewards Feature To Build Camper Loyalty

The best campground software not only gives you the ability to manage your property and reservations but also offers additional robust features. RMS software provides a reservation management solution perfect for any outdoor business with hundreds of features for any property to run its business with ease.

Developed by experts with decades of hands-on experience, RMS property management system (PMS) features allow you to: 

  • Effectively and efficiently manage your campground 
  • Deploy a dynamic online reservation solution
  • Improve camper experience with comprehensive guest experience tools
  • And, most importantly, increase your revenue

RMS Guest Rewards is a key feature to increase revenue and improve guest experience. Let’s take a closer look at it.


Rewards Programs Increase Revenue

Rewards programs attract new campers, encourage existing ones to return, and increase the overall spend per camper at your property.


New Campers

Rewards programs have become more prevalent in campgrounds — even national and state parks now offer them. Campers are increasingly looking for a property that offers reward benefits in addition to providing a great camping experience.


Returning Campers

Even without studying formulas for the return on investment (ROI) of customer retention, you probably already know the importance of customer loyalty when it comes to building a successful business. You might already have processes in place to provide a great experience for your campers so they do return. However, adding a rewards program boosts customer retention, with nearly 85% of consumers reporting that loyalty programs increase their likelihood of being repeat customers.


Increased Spend

Rewards programs encourage consumers to spend more; in fact, 49% agree they spend more after joining a loyalty program. At campgrounds, you can encourage campers to use their rewards to book an additional night or two for a discounted price. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to spend money on food, beverages, or equipment rentals — all while earning even more points.


How the RMS Software Rewards Feature Works


RMS offers two points-based reward program options to build camper loyalty — RMS Guest Loyalty by Points and RMS Guest Loyalty by Spend. Available in the RMS Module Market, campground operators can use one of these modules to create a custom points-based loyalty program. 

Loyalty program management is streamlined with POS and back-office integrations with the RMS reservation and property management system.


Campers Earn Points

As with other loyalty and rewards programs, points are earned through a variety of activities. RMS software rewards feature allows you to customize how your campers can earn points. For example, in addition to earning points for campground stay days, points can be earned for: 

  • Purchases made in your campground store, such as food, supplies, or campground-branded merchandise
  • Equipment rentals
  • Campground activity sign-ups
  • Special event registrations

Campers Redeem Points

RMS software allows campers to redeem the points they’ve earned for credits on their account. They can apply those credits to future stays or purchases.


Integrating Rewards With RMS Marketing Tools

Communication is key to managing the camper experience, and RMS provides the features you need.  You can use RMS marketing tools to encourage your campers to earn and redeem points. Here are a few ideas:


SMS Text Messaging

Not all campground or RV software solutions make integrated texting available. However, RMS cloud software provides 2-way SMS text messaging embedded in the PMS you use throughout the day. Here are examples to help your campers earn and redeem points:

  • After they check in: “Did you forget something? Stop by the campground store, pick up the things you need, and earn points in our Rewards Program!”
  • Before they depart: “Redeem your rewards points for another visit. Book your next vacation today!”

Online Chat

Online chat is used frequently and is another perfect time to promote your rewards program. Here are examples of how to use online chat to encourage campers to join or use your rewards program:

  • Not yet rewards member: “Did you know we have a rewards program? You can earn points when you stay with us, make purchases, or book activities. Can I enroll you today?”
  • Already members: “We are so glad you are a member of our rewards program! Here are all the ways you can earn points:"

Targeted Emails

After branding and customizing RMS’ built-in email templates, you can send targeted emails to different segments of your contact list. The possibilities here are endless, but some options are: 

  • Invite campers with rewards credits on their account but don’t have an existing reservation to book their next reservation
  • Share details about the rewards program to contacts on your list who are not yet members

Triggered Correspondence

Automation makes your job so much easier! With RMS campground software, you can create emails that are automatically sent when a certain trigger is met. At its most basic, automation can send a confirmation email when a reservation is booked. 

Automation can also be used to promote your rewards program. For example, you can automatically:

  • Send an email about your rewards program each time a new contact is created
  • Remind campers that they can earn points through store purchases one week prior to their reservation

See How RMS Software Compares to Other Platforms

Now that you know how RMS Rewards can increase your revenue, how the feature works, and how to promote your rewards program, you may want to take a deeper look at RMS software and some other popular campground software systems.

Our Reservation Software Vendor Comparison Guide compares five outdoor property management software vendors to help you determine which software truly is the best for your campground or RV park. These features are included:

  • Training & Support 
  • Contract and Pricing Options
  • OTA Channel Management
  • Integrations & Credit Card Processing
  • Onboarding
  • Marketing Features & Communication Tools
  • Mobile Check-In and Check-Out
  • Property Reservation Options


Download the guide today to see how Campspot, Firefly, NewBook, ResNexus, and RMS compare.

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