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Guest Experience

Enhancing the Guest Experience at Your Outdoor Property

When it comes to hospitality, the guest experience directly impacts a property’s reputation, reservation rates, and ultimately, the revenue at the property. While exceeding guest expectations may not always be easy, out-of-the-box thinking supported by a reservation management system can leave campers and boaters raving about their experience.

Here are some key considerations to ensure true customer satisfaction that can drive your property to success.

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Make Sure Your Property Is Accessible
  • Chapter 2: Engage With Your Guests
  • Chapter 3: Maximize the Customer Experience Through Unique Entertainment
  • Chapter 4: Continuous Staff Training
  • Chapter 5: Guest Communication
  • Chapter 6: Trends & Technology
  • Chapter 7: How To Measure Guest Experience
  • Chapter 8: Differences in Guest Experience by Property Type

Chapter 1: Make Sure Your Property Is Accessible

Each guest deserves a great experience, which means you should consider making your outdoor property welcoming to everyone.

Make It Kid-Friendly

According to Statista, 54% of those who camped in 2020 had children with them. Including some kid-friendly activities can not only improve the guest experience for younger campers, but it can also make your campground offerings feel well-rounded while providing memorable experiences for the whole family.

Activities and options to make your campground kid-friendly include: