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What Makes RMS Solutions Ideal for Outdoor Properties?

Whether you’re the manager of a single campground or the owner of several RV parks and marinas, the right reservation management system will lead your business to success. Our property management solution, RMS PMS, can help streamline your operations, improve the guest experience, and maximize revenue. Here are the reasons why RMS is ideal for outdoor properties:

RMS Helps Streamline Your Operations

As a highly configurable system, RMS is both cost-effective and tailored to your individual needs. Our management software helps streamline operations and ensures a memorable experience for the guests at your campground, RV park, or marina while saving you time and money with these key features:

Cloud-Based Software

As a SaaS platform, RMS’ reservation system eliminates the cost of hiring a dedicated IT department for software maintenance. Instead, your software is securely hosted on our server.

Dynamic Pricing

With our dynamic pricing tool, you can automatically adjust your rates to the supply and demand of your reservations. Dynamic pricing can entice campers during the slow season and maximize your revenue when bookings are high.

Multi-Property Manager

If you are running multiple locations at once, or thinking of improving your campground, marina, or RV park management operations, you can easily manage reservations and view real-time bookings for all of your outdoor properties from one platform, anytime and anywhere using this feature. 

Maximize Reservations

A convenient and visible booking system can increase your revenue by maximizing your reservations and streamline your operations for your staff. This means no double bookings, a faster reservation process for your campers, and a configurable platform to tailor the reservation experience for every camper or boater.

RMS’ reservation management solution includes an internet booking engine, allowing campers and boaters to make reservations directly from your website by using the “book now” functionality. The book now button can also be added to your Facebook business page. Additionally, you can customize the book now page to feature a promo code to further entice reservation prospects. 

To increase your booking volume, consider taking advantage of the 100+ integrations available within RMS that can help improve your marketing efforts. For example, integrating your reservation system with several Online Travel Agency (OTA) platforms to increase the visibility — and thus the booking rate — of your property.

Prioritize the Guest Experience

For outdoor guests, communicating their needs is more challenging than walking up to a staff member at a hotel. This is where RMS’  reservation management software featuring a guest portal can help.

RMS’ Guest Portal allows guests to:

  • Manage their reservations. From the portal, campers and boaters alike can make changes to their reservation or extend their stay if space is available. They can also manage their group reservations all from the same portal.
  • Communicate with your staff. The portal allows for direct messaging, which means your staff can address requests from your guests efficiently.
  • Make secure payments. The ability to pay directly from the portal will ensure that your guests can pay on time with less hassle.
  • Mobile check in and check out. Campers can easily update their status on their mobile device, a convenient option for guests on-the-go.

The guest portal can be customized to your property type. Whether you have a campground, RV park, or marina, you can choose the look and feel of the portal to fit your brand. You can also choose what your campers and boaters can manage, such as rescheduling or extending their stay, from their portal.

Support Is Everything

Your team should have the proper support needed to keep operations running smoothly. In addition to our Help Center  and training courses from RMS University, RMS offers 24/7 support, free of charge. 

We know many outdoor property problems can’t wait until the next day. With a two hour or less response time, your questions will be answered promptly, and our skilled customer service team can help you utilize the benefits of your RV management software to improve the guest experience with confidence.

Why Choose RMS?

Confidently manage your outdoor properties. With our software solutions specially tailored to your marina, RV park, and/or campground, you can streamline your operations, increase bookings, and empower your staff. RMS PMS was created with you in mind.

With RMS PMS you can manage your reservations, adjust pricing, increase marketing efforts, and more with the same property management system. As an all-in-one software solution, RMS provides the support and tools necessary for your team to operate with no interruptions, paving a straightforward path to business success.

Discover how the right reservation and property management system can change your business for the better by downloading our guide, Choosing a Reservation & Property Management System.


choosing the right reservation and property management system

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