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How the Internet Booking Engine Integration Can Increase Your Revenue

Cloud-based online reservation systems provide an all-in-one software platform with hundreds of features and integrations which streamline reservation processes for campers and boaters.

Internet Booking Engine (IBE) software is one integration that can revolutionize how you manage your property. Below, we’ll discuss how the IBE can work with other integrations and features of a robust reservation system to maximize your revenue and delight your visitors.


How an IBE Can Increase Your Revenue

An Internet Booking Engine is an application or software integration that stores reservation and payment information for your visitors. It then combines that data with other reservation management software, such as a channel manager. An IBE can integrate into your other software with ease and offers many benefits.

1. Increased Direct Bookings

An Internet Booking Engine increases direct bookings by allowing campers and boaters to book a reservation on your website. This not only increases your direct bookings but decreases your online travel agency (OTA) fees as well. The more people booking through your website instead of an OTA, the more revenue for your property.

In addition, an IBE can update reservations the moment a visitor books with you. This allows you to send emails that confirm the reservation and inform your visitors about your campground or marina. Furthermore, you can incorporate marketing emails to offer upgrades to your visitors with their reservations.

2. Increased Accuracy and Efficiency Within Your System

Since an IBE integrates with your reservation software, the prices of your reservations update in real-time. Dynamic pricing — modifying your rates based on occupancy, season, or holiday — maximizes your revenue and optimizes your reservation process without any risk of financial miscommunication.

Another feature of Internet Booking Engine software is its ability to pull and compile reports of visitor behavior on your website. By analyzing booking habits, an IBE offers helpful and actionable insight so you can adjust and improve your online reservation software as you see fit. This saves time and costs and frees up staff to focus on other tasks rather than putting together reports.

3. Enhanced Guest Experience

An IBE not only offers data about the reservation habits of your visitors, but it also provides guest experience feedback data to show you how your visitors feel about your property. It offers valuable guest data like:

  • Occupancy rates for every season
  • Guest reviews
  • Loyalty program users

A positive guest experience is crucial to developing and maintaining a successful campground or marina. With the help of an IBE and the right online reservation platform, you’ll be able to satisfy your guests and create brand advocates for your company, thereby improving your business reputation.

Brand advocates play a vital role in increasing reputation and revenue, as word-of-mouth marketing statistics show that 88% of people trust recommendations from their family and friends compared to advertisements.


Growing Your Business With an Internet Booking Engine

Robust reservation software should have everything you need to manage your business all on one platform, including an IBE.

At RMS, we offer a PMS that’s designed to meet all of your reservation needs with features like: 

    • Highly Configurable Setup. Customizable settings to match your specific online reservation management system
  • Channel Management. Maximize your reservations with our native channel manager and third-party booking channels
  • Robust Reporting. Our RMS PMS provides over 150 comprehensive reports of real-time profitability and performance of your property
  • Revenue Management. Our Dynamic Pricing tool allows you to manage prices and rates to match your needs, and our Revenue Management integrations give you even more perks
  • Internet Booking Engine. Last but not least, our IBE feature offers the above benefits and enables guests to make real-time reservations on your website rather than an OTA

Choosing the right property management system doesn’t have to be stressful. Find out more about how we can meet your reservation software needs without overcomplicating the process with our RMS PMS.

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