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The Importance of Flexible Campground Software for Your Property

Campgrounds have unique needs. Yet, no two campgrounds are the same or need the same software features. Ultimately, you need an all-in-one property management system (PMS) designed for outdoor properties that provides flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Let’s take a look at how that flexibility is delivered and some of the configurable features you need for both campground operations and reservations management.


Open API Delivers Campground Software Flexibility

Application programming interface (API) may sound like a daunting phrase. Even if you aren’t sure of what it means, you should know what it is and how it affects your business. 

API allows two or more software programs to interact and understand each other; it acts as a mediator so that each program can share information. APIs can be either closed or open. A closed API is one only the developer or company who created it can use. An open API, on the other hand, allows free access to all developers.

Offering universal access to software programs, an open API is a great way to increase flexibility in your campground management software and improve operational efficiency. An open API will provide these benefits

  • Real-time data access and sharing across integrations
  • Integrated workflows
  • Organizational visibility
  • Improved productivity
  • Streamlined processes by connecting multiple integrations
  • Ability to access all integrations from one platform
  • No need to train staff on multiple systems


When researching software for your property, you will be best served by one with an open API that can be explicitly configured for the unique needs of your business. An open API provides flexibility so you can build your perfect tech stack for business management in general as well as the special needs of campgrounds.


Campground Management Software

Campground management software allows you to efficiently manage your property. Here are three areas to consider when looking for flexible campground software.

Customizable Dashboard

Each member of your team needs different tools and different information to perform their duties. Efficiency is dramatically improved when owners, managers, supervisors, and staff all access only the tools and information they need without having to hunt through irrelevant integrations. A customizable dashboard lets you set up a relevant interface for each user. 


Accounting, POS, and Payment Processing

Whether you use QuickBooks or other accounting software, you need it to communicate with your PMS, including your point-of-sale (POS) and payment processing solutions. When data is shared between each of these areas, you can pull reports within your PMS specifically relevant to campground management. 

At the same time, payment processing needs to also communicate with both your PMS and accounting solution. This enables you to see accurate payment information in real time and in the software that you use throughout your day.


Multi-property Management

Not all campground software is configurable for effective multi-property management. A flexible solution allows you to centralize your properties in one streamlined database, while maintaining each property separately, including unique logos, different invoice formats, and more. Additionally, owners and managers can access reports for each property or across the business as a whole, the configurable dashboard limits staff as appropriate.


Campground Reservation Software

It is essential to select innovative technology for outdoor properties that provides the flexibility to meet your individual reservation needs.

Online Travel Agencies

To maximize your bookings, get visibility for your website, and collect reviews, you may want to list your campground on one or more online travel agencies (OTAs). It can be a real boost to your occupation rates when you use an OTA integration within your reservation software. Flexible software will allow you to configure integrations with many OTAs, including the most well-known such as, Expedia, or Hotwire.


Channel Manager

OTA integration does offer a way to seamlessly boost reservations, but what about booking channels that don’t offer direct integration? If you use these other booking channels, a channel manager can set your property up for success with real-time booking updates, dynamic pricing, and one centralized dashboard to manage all your reservations.


Internet Booking Engine

Although using OTAs and other channels can increase your revenue, direct booking allows you to maximize your gross profit. When researching campground reservation software, you should limit your options to those that offer a “Book Now” option for direct booking on your website. The best solution will also provide the flexibility of a dynamic pricing tool


The Ultimate Campground Software for Your Property

What makes the ultimate software? You need a highly-adaptable solution that is cost-effective and configurable for your specific needs. When you implement such robust software, you also need effective onboarding and support to avoid costly repercussions. 

RMS is highly adaptable, highly configurable, and cost-effective. Our comprehensive onboarding is led by a dedicated expert who will help you leverage all of these — and other — flexible features customized exclusively for your property

Ready to learn more about selecting the best campground management software? Download the Ultimate Guide to All-In-One Reservation Management Software and learn more about the key features and benefits of reservation management software, critical integrations, and more. 


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