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Benefits of the Open API Feature in RMS Reservation Software

A robust reservation system will have many features and integrations designed to streamline your processes and improve operational efficiency. One key feature provided by the RMS campground reservation software is the open application programming interface (open API). Here, we’ll explore the benefits of an open application programming interface (API) and how you can use it to optimize the use of your software. 

What Is an Open API Feature?

Open API is commonly called public API. Many also refer to this feature as open-source technology, but these two terms are not related. Open-source technology is when the source code of software is freely distributed. 

In contrast, an open API is a tool that allows you to make one piece of software communicate with another piece of software so they work together seamlessly. This feature can be thought of as an integration manager designed to improve your operational efficiency.  

Why Use Reservation Software With an Open API?

Since the open API makes the RMS reservation software configurable to your business needs, using it gives you the freedom to add and manage integrations like a pro.

By taking advantage of API integrations, you can:

  • Streamline your processes by connecting multiple integrations such as online travel agency (OTA) platforms, revenue management, and payment processing services.
  • Gain access to and integrate software programs that assist you with scaling your business.
  • Have increased flexibility and efficiency by accessing all of your integrations from the same platform.
  • Eliminate the need to train your staff on multiple systems.

When your operations are streamlined through integrations within the same reservation system, your campers and boaters can experience a fluid reservation process that allows them to focus on having a great time at your property.

Key API Integrations for Your Reservation Software

Open API allows you to integrate key components that further your business goals. Some integrations to consider adding within your open API include:


Integrating with OTAs can provide you with a wider range of potential visitors who may otherwise not know about your outdoor property. This opportunity to maximize third-party reservations also comes with added exposure to your website, causing a billboard effect in which you may see increased direct bookings.


Using QuickBooks or other accounting software within your RMS platform allows you to keep track of your finances without the need for a separate account. You can also pull data from your accounting integrations using the Reporting tool within your RMS software to make informed business decisions.

Payment Processing

Processing online payments from one application and recording in another is time-consuming and leaves room for error. By using integrated payment processing services, you’ll see your guests’ accurate payment information in real-time. 

Channel Manager

The RMS channel manager is a crucial integration for managing your booking channels in real-time. You won’t need third-party distribution software, and you can avoid overbooking and other costly mistakes associated with non-integrated booking channels.


RMS Is Built To Improve the Efficiency of Your Operations

RMS reservation software can save you time and money by providing an open API so you can choose and use the integrations — from over a hundred options — that work for your campground, RV park, or marina. With 24-hour customer support, you’ll have access to help when you need it, so your focus can be on managing your property instead of managing applications and software.

Want to learn more about the many features to take advantage of within the RMS reservation system? Schedule a demo today!

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