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How the RMS Channel Manager Sets Your Property Up for Success

Managing multiple booking channels doesn’t have to be a complex, time-consuming process. The RMS Channel Manager is a useful feature that allows real-time distribution of all of your outdoor property’s linked booking channels and online travel agencies (OTAs). This feature avoids the need for third-party distribution software, saving you time and money. Read on to discover how the RMS Channel Manager can lead your outdoor property to success.

With the RMS Channel Manager, You Can:

1. Avoid Overbooking

Your campers and boaters expect their space to be available to them on time once they’ve booked their reservation. However, when mistakes happen and spaces are double booked, an outdoor property manager has to struggle to make things right to prevent losing loyal customers. With the RMS Channel Manager, overbooking will become a problem of the past, allowing you to focus on the bright future of your business.

Real-Time Booking Updates

The RMS Channel Manager can help you avoid overbooking by simultaneously updating your inventory across all OTAs from one centralized system. Since these updates are in real-time, your guests will know what you have available instantly. 

As a bonus, seeing your reservations in real-time means you’ll have a clear view of occupancy so you can prepare your staff for the busy season. With less time spent managing your reservations, you can spend more time focusing on your guests. Your visitors will also appreciate the reduced errors in operations, allowing them to make the most of their stay.

The RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool

Based on your available inventory, you can then use the RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool to update your rates across all channels with the click of a button. This will keep you on top of booking trends no matter the season, without the inconvenience of making manual adjustments one at a time for each of your channels. 


2. Maximize Your Reservations

With the Channel Manager, you can list your property on third-party websites such as OTAs to maximize your bookings by increasing the visibility of your available reservations.

The billboard effect indicates that when online users visit your website from OTA channels, your direct booking rate will increase from the use of your “book now” button that you can place on your website. This feature is fully integrated with the RMS Channel Manager, so your campers and boaters can make their reservations with no hiccups or application error messages. 

A fully integrated system allows you to seamlessly manage your channels and drive traffic to your website. Simply put, more exposure and a fluid reservation experience mean more bookings.

3. Manage All Your Reservations in One Place

You can manage your reservation availability in one centralized dashboard in the RMS Reservation Management System. This includes utilizing the RMS Multi-Property Management feature that allows you to make changes to your rates and availability using the RMS Channel Manager for every outdoor property you own without having to log out or switch dashboards. 

Additionally, utilizing the RMS Channel Manager and other integrations within your RMS Reservation Management System can free up your staff’s time, allowing them more time to provide excellent customer service.  

Having the ability to keep updated and accurate information across every channel from the same dashboard is not only more convenient for you and your staff, but it’s also an important factor in improving the guest experience and your online reputation

Your All-in-One Campground Reservation Management Solution

With the RMS Reservation System, you can manage your reservations from anywhere at any time, using any device. We offer hundreds of smart features to streamline your daily operations at your campground, RV park, or marina. 

From booking automation using the dynamic Pricing Tool to updating your rates across your channels using the Channel Manager, we are here to help increase your bookings and maximize your revenue.

The RMS Reservation Management System can be tailored to your needs as a property manager or owner, allowing you to give your campers the best possible experience.

Get peace of mind knowing all your rates are up to date and reduce the errors of overbooking with the RMS Reservation Management System. To learn more about our features, schedule a free demo.

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