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3 Benefits of the RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool for Your Campground

As an outdoor property manager, being fully booked at your campgrounds is a goal you dream of achieving. However, your reservation rate, as well as your campground’s profitability, could be affected by factors such as seasonality and having a reservation management software that isn’t tailored to your needs. 

By using the RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool featured in our campground reservation software, you’ll have the ability to streamline your booking process to save you time and money — and improve the camper experience at the same time.

Fixed Pricing Vs. Dynamic Pricing

With fixed pricing, your rates are locked in, and do not reflect variables like current occupancy, seasonality, or other factors. Conversely, dynamic pricing is flexible, allowing you to create pricing rules that automatically adjust your rate based on your current occupancy. For example, with dynamic pricing, you can make the most of the off- season because your prices will automatically reduce to predetermined lower rates to attract more campers.

How can you benefit from using RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool for your business? Here are three benefits of using the Dynamic Pricing Tool featured with your RMS campground management software.

1. Automate Your Pricing

The RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool allows you to configure your rates with the click of a button, freeing up valuable time that was once spent on manually  your pricing on your website 

You can automate your pricing for:

  • Year-round rates
  • Seasonal pricing
  • Holiday pricing

The tool will use your preset rules to adjust the pricing of your campground reservations automatically. Instead of manually making adjustments, you can focus on running a successful campground and enhancing the experience of your campers.

2. Maximize Your Profits

Staying on top of supply and demand gives you the power to maximize your profits during the busy season. Since the booking software updates occupancy in real-time, the Dynamic Pricing Tool will adjust to holiday or seasonal pricing automatically. Are your current Dynamic Pricing rules filling up occupancy immediately? Adjust your rules to increase your rate!

If you are managing multiple properties, you can access the Dynamic Pricing Tool in your reservation management system anytime, anywhere. This allows you the freedom to check your reservation rates and kick off promotional rate periods on your time schedule. 

3. Streamline Your Rates

Dynamic pricing allows you to strengthen your marketing efforts by streamlining your promotions.

Consider offering special rates and discounts for reservations made during specific promotional periods. You can use the “Stop Sell” feature within your RMS Control Panel so that discounted rates end in coordination with the promotion, decreasing the possibility of having to honor a special rate when a certain promotion is no longer available.

The RMS Rate Control Panel, gives you the flexibility to configure your rates and also set dates for promotional periods and seasons so that your pricing adjusts to best suit your needs. This capability removes the necessity of creating time-consuming rate tables and rate periods that have to be adjusted manually year after year.

Get Started With the RMS Dynamic Pricing at Your Side

By automating your pricing with set-and-forget features, and a superior booking experience, it’s easy to see why a dynamic pricing feature can benefit your property. But the RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool is only one of the many features to take advantage of to increase your bookings and streamline your operations. 

Ready to find out how the RMS reservation management software can take your campground to the next level? Request a demo today to speak with our outdoor property experts.

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