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5 Tips To Move Your Campground From Offline to Online Reservations

It can feel daunting to consider moving from an offline reservation system to online management technology. Your old, offline process may feel safe and familiar, but it is inefficient and can’t keep up with modern hospitality needs.

Online management software with the latest features allows your campers to seamlessly make reservations that your staff can manage with ease. Statistics also show that guests are more likely to book through an online channel, which further highlights the importance of an online reservation system.

We’ve put together the top five essential tips for transitioning from an offline system to a robust, online reservation software.

Why You Need an Online Campground Reservation System

Customers today are counting on you to provide the latest features and technology when booking your campsite. Guests now expect accommodations to offer online reservations and by offering these convenient options, they’ll be more likely to enjoy their stay.

Online reservations are essential for campgrounds to:

  • Increase your audience reach
  • Maximize revenue
  • Reduce manual efforts that can be streamlined with software
  • Provide around-the-clock support for your guests
  • Improve the guest experience at your campsite

5 Tips To Move From Offline to Online Reservations Software

1. Make a List of the Features You Need

The first step you must take to move from an offline to an online reservations system is to make a list of all the features required for your property needs. Some of the features to consider include:

  • A system specifically designed for outdoor properties
  • A simplified reservation process for guests
  • An enhanced booking experience
  • An integrated internet booking engine for direct online reservations
  • A dynamic rate management tool
  • Native channel management with OTAs

2. Select the Right Campground Reservation Software

To keep up with the competition, you need the right software that has cutting-edge features. Your campground reservation software should be:

  • Customizable to your unique needs — A software solution that has your required features is essential, but you should also look for one that can be customized to accommodate the features of your campground and your business.

3. Lean on the Software Vendor for Implementation

With the right software vendor, you will have access to comprehensive onboarding, training, and support to get up and running, train your staff, and account for any problems or concerns you encounter with your management system by:


  • Helping you scale resources to your needs
  • Giving you reliable product access
  • Deploying your software and its features faster
  • Ensuring your software is performing optimally
  • Walking you through processes with your software
  • Offering 24/7 support

4. Get Appropriate Training for You and Your Staff

Your software vendor may offer a library of training tools to help you and your staff understand your campground reservation software. On-demand videos and resources can provide you with the knowledge to continuously improve your operations and efficiency.

A vendor that aligns with your business goals and provides the right resources can help your new hires and existing staff integrate seamlessly into your organization. Your software provider should also have a team of experts on standby to help you achieve an improved hiring process, streamlined task management system, and a positive guest experience for your campers.

5. Ensure You Have a Compelling Website

When implementing new software, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your website to provide a consistent modernized experience. Ensuring that your website is designed specifically for your unique campground and prioritizes campers will enable you to deliver the best possible experience for your potential guests. With help from your online reservation software, you can ensure your website has:


  • A direct booking process
  • Videos and imagery to entice your visitors
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) services from industry experts to help you leverage your virtual presence for increased revenue

Improve Your Online Reservations in 2023 and Beyond

Now that 2023 is here, it’s time you take the next step toward transforming your property and leapfrogging the competition with the best practices for campsite managers.

Maximizing your online reservations by deploying an all-in-one software solution can give you that advantage so you can rise to the top over your competitors and set your organization up for success this year.


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