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Onboarding, training, and support 

Get up and running with RMS 

Using an intuitive PMS is one piece of the puzzle, but at RMS we believe that offering 24/7 reliable customer service is the key to success for any hospitality business. Get the support you need to easily onboard your business and train your staff with RMS's team of experts. 

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Getting started is simple 

Easily onboard and migrate to the RMS property management software with our team of experts. We’ve got you covered with onboarding, training, and support specialists who are passionate about your success. 
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In the cloud, in no time

RMS’s advanced technology is fully cloud-based, which means it can be rolled out quickly to new properties. 
With RMS you won’t need to worry about the advanced technical configurations – we've got that taken care of. Our Microsoft Azure hosting platform offers limitless scalability, reliable product access, faster deployment, and higher performance. 

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We've got your back 

Get the support you need with RMS’s global team of expert trainers who help your team through successful change management. Our specialists have conducted thousands of system replacements making them experts in the deployment of RMS technology.  

Our team will walk you through an end-to-end process that is clearly defined and built to work with your existing operations. Our experts will train your team, making them the RMS subject matter experts.  

Once you’re set-up, our support resources, offered 24/7, ensure there is always help if you need it.  

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Reliable 24/7 support  

RMS provides leading customer support with expert teams who are extremely proficient in overcoming any challenges you may encounter. 

RMS offers global support and caters to almost every time zone, so you have access to 24/7 support from anywhere in the world.

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Become an RMS expert  

RMS is a robust property management system with thousands of features and regular innovations. To stay up to date with the latest and greatest our PMS provides, we created a comprehensive resource hub, RMS University. With a library of hundreds of product videos and tutorials, we make it easy to run the RMS Property Management System. 

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We’re here to support you 

RMS takes our community seriously when it comes to offering valuable help that makes a difference. 


Dedicated trainers

Advanced support and onboarding teams that know the ins and outs of your hospitality business.

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24/7 support

Ready to answer all questions and help any time of the day. 

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Training & implementation programs 

Designed to get your business up and running smoothly & quickly.

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Self-service training

Our help center, RMS University, YouTube learning hub, and video tutorials are all available to you. 


Continuous learning tools

Multimedia learning tools, including webinars and tutorials, are available to your team regularly.

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