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5 Key Features of the RMS Reservation System

You’re finally ready to start searching for campground software providers that offer solutions to your operational challenges — but it’s no easy feat. 

Between managing your outdoor property, attempting to scale your business, and searching for the right property management system, your hands are full. 

That’s why we’re here to help with an all-in-one reservation software that can kickstart your journey to operational excellence.

The RMS reservation management system is a cloud-based platform with unique features and integrations to streamline your business and improve experiences for your staff and guests. 

To help with your research, here are the five must-have campground management software features that you’ll want to get your hands on. 

1. Guest Portal

After a camper books their reservation, they’ll likely receive a reservation confirmation email. However, if a guest needs to modify their existing reservation, they would need to reach out to your staff directly – which can be done as a message in a guest portal . 

By providing guests with access to the RMS Guest Portal, you won’t need to be part of the equation for managing guest reservations. Guests can take control of their stay and make decisions on their terms. This feature includes mobile check-in/out, messaging, and more, allowing for improved direct communication without your campers having to visit the clubhouse or front desk.

2. Interactive Maps

With interactive maps, your campers get a glimpse of the property in real time so they can effectively plan their trip. For example, guests can choose a campsite location that is near one of your property features such as a beautiful lake or swimming pool for convenience if they plan on diving in during their stay. 

How Does the Interactive Maps Feature Work?

An RMS interactive map can be accessed by guests who click your Book Now button on your website, and can also be integrated into your backend reservation screen. This tool gives visitors the power to choose exactly where they want to stay, while your staff saves time with a simplified, online booking process. 

3. Multi-Property Management

Managing multiple properties while prioritizing the guest experience can be challenging, but the right campground manager software can help you operate smoothly. The RMS property management system eliminates the need for multiple management systems by centralizing your properties into one streamlined database.

For example, you can combine data from all of your properties to provide you with accurate reports that help promote your growth strategies, increase bookings, and drive your business to success. 

RMS is one of the only reservation systems with the ability to support multi-property enterprises. Although functionality is streamlined, you can maintain each property individually with unique logos, different invoice formats, and more. 

This feature also gives you the power to decide what information gets shared and who can see it. With these regulations in place, you can keep your team focused on their roles while giving administrators the flexibility to see relevant data when needed.

4. Customizable Dashboard

With a customizable dashboard, you can get a real-time snapshot of your property including:

  • Business performance metrics
  • Current occupancy 
  • Employee task completion
  • Marketing performance
  • Location-based weather updates

With these insights, you can set your property up for long-term success through data-based decisions that keep your business scaling with fewer organizational hiccups along the trail. In fact, an MIT Sloan School of Management study showed that companies who use data-driven strategies benefited from 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profits.

In addition, you can create custom dashboards for others on your team, such as a manager, so each individual gets reporting data that’s useful to their role. All dashboards are accessible anytime, anywhere on any device with internet access, making it convenient to check on your outdoor property even when you aren’t on-site.

5. Internet Booking Engine

An internet booking engine (IBE) can maximize your direct bookings by allowing your campers and boaters to book directly from your website. You can also take advantage of the dynamic pricing tool within your campground software that automatically adjusts your rates based on your current reservations and preset rules. 

Aside from increased bookings, you can maximize your revenue by avoiding some OTA (online travel agency) fees by encouraging direct booking. Real-time updates take away the fear of overbooking or outdated reservation rates, giving you more time to focus on your visitors and the future of your business.

Operational Excellence Starts with RMS

When choosing a reservation and property management system, you need the best campground management software for your outdoor property. 

Are you ready for a solution designed to streamline multiple properties and interconnect operations, once and for all? We’ve got your roadmap for getting started.

Download our guide, How to Achieve Operational Excellence with a Reservation Management System, to learn how to simplify multi-property management with one platform today. 

Working smarter with a reservation management system

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