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4 Marketing Features To Look For in Campground Reservation Software

Ensuring that each visitor has a wonderful stay at your campground is a top priority. However, you have to show that you care about prioritizing the camper experience — and that starts with your marketing strategy.

Whether sending an email to a camper who hasn’t stayed with you in a while or a direct message to a new camper to offer upgrade options, your campground reservation software should support your efforts in communicating the right message at the right time. 

Here are the top four marketing capabilities you should expect in an all-in-one reservation system.


4 Marketing Features To Look For in Campground Reservation Software


1. Automation Capabilities

You and your staff have numerous daily tasks to accomplish. Fortunately, automation can take over many of the repetitive tasks and free you to do those things that can’t be automated. Many marketing communications can be automated, letting your campground reservation system be a fundamental element of your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing extends your marketing dollars, allowing you to communicate with website visitors and campers with a limited investment of your time. Some campground management systems combine a robust CRM with the reservation system, allowing you to create automated, triggered, and scheduled emails that your platform can send to either individuals or segmented customer lists. 

The most effective email marketing is when you provide real value to the recipients. Email is the perfect “marketing” vehicle during certain touchpoints, and there are many different types of emails you can use to provide value while building a relationship with your contacts.

Confirmation emails have the highest email open rate. These should be used not only to confirm reservations but also to provide access to your guest portal, invite them to join your loyalty program, or encourage them to purchase supplies from your campground store. Additionally, you can use a pre-arrival welcome email or a post-check-out thank you email to deepen the relationship between you and your campers.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS text message marketing goes hand in hand with email marketing. Short personalized texts sent to campers’ phones deliver your communications in a way nearly half of US consumers prefer.

Marketing through SMS text messaging works well for welcoming campers when they check in, reminders of purchase or upgrade options, and invitations to special events. 


2. Targeted Marketing Integrations and Capabilities

Email campground marketing strategies are effective only with a platform that offers the right targeted marketing abilities.

Campground Booking Engines and Native Distribution Capabilities

A campground booking engine, also known as an internet booking engine (IBE), combined with native distribution allows you to access camper data and create segmented lists. 

With an IBE, you can display a prominent "Book Now" button on your website,  giving you greater control over reservations, increasing revenue, and allowing you to gather data about your campers. You can also easily collect information if the campground reservation software you use has built-in connections to hundreds of booking sites. With native two-way integration with hundreds of channels and online travel agencies (OTAs), you can collect the same data as if the reservations were made on your website. 

This highly valuable camper data should be stored securely on the cloud and allows you to create segmented email lists for personalized offers. For example, you can send a special offer to contacts who have camped with you before but haven’t visited in the last six months to encourage another booking.


3. Open API for Innovative Personalization

An open API cloud-based reservation system delivers seamless integrations with hundreds of tools such as accounting, payment processing, and electronic locks. If your campground reservation software includes an open API, you will have access to real-time data that can be used for general and more specialized marketing campaigns.

Many of the best campground marketing ideas revolve around personalization. This is only possible through accurate, real-time data compiled from subscription forms, direct bookings, other booking channels and OTAs, reservation history, and any other information you gather about your campers. This data allows you to create a seamless, personalized experience throughout all stages of their customer lifecycle, from the delivery of promotional offers to their enrollment in a rewards program.


4. Reporting for Marketing Strategy Success

You can only “Measure What Matters” as recommended in John Doerr’s book with the right reporting tools. The most robust campground booking reservation software will include the ability to access data about marketing performance, both through pre-made reports and custom-built reports. Here are two examples of how analyzing marketing reports and data can increase your marketing effectiveness.

Email Marketing Reporting

Email marketing success is often measured by traditional metrics such as email open rate and clickthrough rate. By looking at emails with high open or click-through rates, you can improve success by refining subject lines, including clearer calls to action, and improving mobile optimization.

Channel Management Reporting

Booking channels and OTAs expand your reach; however, not all channels are equal. Analysis of channel performance reports empowers you to eliminate those that aren’t meeting your marketing objectives and nurture the ones where you see the most traction and return on your investment. 


Reach Your Marketing Success With RMS

Although marketing can be daunting for many business owners, there are tools to reduce the challenge, improve effectiveness, and increase your revenue. However, you need the right campground reservation system to have access to the best marketing features and capabilities. 

Our Campground Reservation Software Vendor Comparison Guide compares features between five different platforms. In addition to marketing features, learn how each platform compares for:

  • Training & Support 
  • Contract and Pricing Options
  • OTA Channel Management
  • Integrations & Credit Card Processing
  • Onboarding
  • Communication Tools
  • Mobile Check-In and Check-Out
  • Property Reservation Options

Download the guide today and learn how RMS has the tools and capabilities you need to take your marketing strategy up a notch.

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