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5 Guest Experience Management Solutions Available with RMS

How your visitors feel about your outdoor property before, during, and after their stay directly impacts your brand’s reputation and growth opportunities. The RMS reservation management system has tools and features designed to make guest experience management goals achievable. 


Here are the top five ways you can use RMS software solutions to improve the guest experience and modernize your property.

5 RMS Guest Experience Management Solutions

1. Increase Direct Bookings With IBE

The RMS Internet Booking Engine allows visitors to book directly on your website with a Book Now button. This is critical for a few reasons:

  • It can save you costs from online travel agency (OTA) bookings

  • It gives your visitors an easier booking process

  • It brings more eyes to your deals and offers on your website

With a fully integrated campground reservation system, you can take advantage of the IBE and monitor your booking data all from the same cloud-based platform.


2. Utilize the Dynamic Pricing Tool

With our reservation management system’s Dynamic Pricing feature, you can optimize your reservation availability to automate your rates based on occupancy and seasonality. 

A dynamic pricing tool is crucial for when you need to make swift changes to rates, such as when a holiday is approaching. It’s also important to pay attention to different camping trends so you can adjust your rates across OTAs to provide your visitors with the best price and experience.


3. Make Reservation Management Easy With the Guest Portal

With RMS, you’ll be able to use a guest portal to provide a more streamlined and effective communication process between you and your campers. A guest portal allows your visitors to:

  • Track and manage their reservations

  • Use their mobile device to check in and check out

  • Communicate directly with your staff

  • Print or email payment statements

  • Make secure payments with your property

4. Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing templates and the ability to pull customer data allows you to offer visitors marketing content they’ll actually want to read. For example, you could alert your repeat campers when you have a special event happening at your campground.

Additionally, with RMS you’ll be able to create, save, and share customer data in the form of reports. These reports give you actionable insights for improving your marketing decisions for insightful guest experience management.


5. Delight Loyal Visitors With the Rewards Program

A rewards program with the right reservation software can encourage both new and returning guests to visit your property. It can also increase the overall spend per guest at your property and can provide the following benefits:

New Campers

Rewards programs are not only liked, but they’re also expected by visitors in today’s hospitality industry. By implementing one, you’ll maintain relevancy and meet the expectations of new visitors looking for the best experience.

Returning Campers

The importance of customer loyalty cannot be understated. It helps you to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and creates brand advocates that can help market your property through social media or word-of-mouth advertisement. A rewards program will only improve this customer loyalty even more, setting you up for a successful business for years to come.


Upgrade Your Rewards Program With RMS

RMS transforms rewards programs by using two points-based reward program options to grow guest loyalty — RMS Guest Loyalty by Points and RMS Guest Loyalty by Spend. Available in the RMS Module Market, property managers can use one of these modules to create a points-based loyalty program customized to their needs. Here’s how it works.


How Campers Earn Points

Similar to other rewards programs, RMS grants points through different actions taken. However, RMS rewards give you the ability to customize how your guests earn points. For instance, you can grant points  in its reward program by:

  • Making purchases in your property store
  • Renting equipment
  • Signing up for different activities and special events

Guests can also redeem their points with RMS rewards programs and apply the saved credits toward future stays and purchases.


Create Memorable Camper Experiences With RMS 

RMS can optimize your guest experience management and provide the perfect setting for a hassle-free environment for each guest that books with you.

There’s a reason why RMS has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 40 years. Learn how you can transform your outdoor property by requesting a demo today.REQUEST A SOFTWARE DEMO

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