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Marina Utility Management Made Easy With RMS

Given the number of resources required to support hospitality businesses, it comes as no surprise that utilities are often one of the largest operating expenses. Even so, they are often overlooked as adequate monitoring can be a challenge for property managers.

RMS provides the tools you need to conduct utility management more efficiently at your marina. It can help monitor your utility output and identify potential discrepancies to increase your revenue and sustainability efforts long-term.


Establishing a Plan To Manage Waste and Utilities

Every manager in the hospitality sector should make it a point to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Creating a plan to do so starts with the technology and practices you deploy at your marina.

Marina software helps you create and execute a great utility management plan by:


  • Helping you identify and adjust your energy consumption
  • Implementing more sustainable practices
  • Reducing hidden costs from utilities


A marina utility management system that supports green hospitality strategies is the most effective starting point to create an eco-friendly marina, reduce utility costs, and improve your waste management.


How RMS Makes Marina Utility Management Easy


Smart Meters

Smart meters are used to monitor, track, and manage electricity and water usage.

With real-time meter reads within your RMS database, you can cohesively manage your utilities alongside your property management items. 

Additionally, this technology allows your boaters to remotely turn on and off their meters when utilities are not in use, reducing the time your staff spends monitoring each boater's energy consumption.

Smart Meter Benefits

There are several advantages to using smart meters, such as utility tracking, informing boaters of their energy usage, eliminating staff utility reporting, and automatically billing boaters for the energy used during their stay. 

These benefits are particularly useful for marina managers, who can now avoid manual measurements all while saving money and reducing energy consumption. 


Sustainable Services

A Digital Approach to Saving on Utility Costs

In addition to its environmental advantages, going paperless tops the list of essential sustainable practices for marinas since it is time and cost-efficient.

The Guest Portal with RMS provides a digitized experience for your boaters, enabling them to receive their documentation and billing information from their mobile device. It also reduces the strain of utility management on your staff by allowing them to communicate and invoice your boaters more quickly.

All-in-One Dashboard for Optimized Utility Management

Property managers spend a lot of time tracking and measuring utility usage. Manually doing this across several properties only compounds the amount of time wasted that could be better utilized elsewhere.

Managers can monitor current and historical energy use, occupancy levels, billing, data, and more with RMS. When armed with this data and  strong analytics, property managers can immediately detect irregularities and areas of improvement. 

With robust reports and clear insight into your marina’s operations, you can view how your property spends energy and how you can improve your utility management.


Additional Eco-friendly Tips for Your Marina To Improve Utility Management

There are a few additional quick ways you can create a greener marina and remain mindful of your utility usage:

  1. Switching to greener energy options, like solar or wind energy, can help your marina be environmentally conscious while also lowering electricity expenses. Marinas are often great places to use solar panels because they usually don’t have significant amounts of trees or dense vegetation to block the sunlight.
  2. Teach your staff and boaters the best eco-friendly practices, such as using natural light as much as possible and reducing energy consumption. Notify them to shut off devices or put them in low power/sleep modes when not in use. Encourage your boaters to reduce water consumption by taking shorter showers and turning off the running water when not in use.


Manage Your Utilities With RMS

Sustainable practices and utility management are two crucial areas that all marina managers should keep in mind when looking for the right marina management software.

Learn how RMS can allow you to track and improve your utility management practices by requesting a demo with us today.

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