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4 Ways RV Park Software can Increase Your Brand Visibility

You take pride in your RV park and the experiences you provide to campers every day. It’s time more people knew about what your business has to offer. Increasing brand awareness starts with increasing the visibility of your RV park as a whole. But how do you do it? Below, we’ll discuss four tips for using RV park software to get your brand noticed.

4 Brand Visibility Tips With RV Park Software

1. Staying on Brand

If applicable, you can use your booking software’s open API to choose your brand’s theme, colors, and style across customer-facing touch points such as your website and the Guest Portal. When campers interact with your brand online, you can gain their trust and loyalty with a consistent look and feel.

You can extend your branding to your RV park by utilizing the same theme or colors for your signage, front desk or clubhouse decor, and marketing pamphlets. To keep visitors aware of your campground, avoid changing your brand’s theme and colors too often.


2. Using OTAs

OTAs can help get your brand seen across multiple booking websites and can introduce new customers to your RV park business. OTAs, such as, Expedia, or Hotwire, are all popular and trusted sites that can help your brand stand out from competitors.

Dynamic Pricing

When OTAs are used in conjunction with a dynamic pricing tool, you can display your rates and space availability in real-time. Preset pricing rules can be used to offer first-time camper promotions and more to get campers excited about your brand.

This also maximizes your revenue, as you can automatically start and end promotions using predetermined dates with dynamic pricing. With this feature, you can reduce booking rate errors and align your RV park marketing efforts.


3. Send Personalized On-Brand Offers

Preset and customizable email marketing templates enable offers and information to have the same tone and messaging across your business. These emails can be automated so that campers receive your promotions at the right time. 

Take a step further with your RV park marketing efforts by utilizing mailing lists that can be created and stored within your software platform. You can segment these lists of campers for targeted marketing. 

For example, an integrated, cloud-based system could enable you to send review requests and rewards information as a part of a “thank you” email only to campers who have stayed at your RV park in the last two weeks. This marketing strategy shows your appreciation to your campers while allowing you to extend brand recognition through reviews.


4. Use an Internet Booking Engine 

An internet booking engine (IBE) allows for direct booking on your website. An integrated IBE can also let you pull important user data from your website into comprehensive reports that you can use to improve your brand’s visibility through data-backed changes.


Brand Visibility Supported by All-in-One RV Park Software

Having your brand instantly recognized is not only a great feeling, but it’s also great for your growth strategy. That’s why you need all-in-one RV park software designed to unify your marketing strategy with your operations. With the right integrations, you can efficiently manage all aspects of your RV park — from a single platform.

RMS software can help you provide the perfect setting for a welcoming atmosphere both online and onsite that can attract campers far and wide. However, to turn brand enthusiasts into repeat campers, you’ll need to know about the emerging trends that can help you tailor your growth strategy for success. To get started on the right path, download the State of the Industry 2023 Report.


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