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RV Park Management: Dos and Don’ts

Managing an RV park comes with multiple moving parts, from staff tasks to marketing efforts and everything in between. Utilizing the right RV park management software can streamline operations and remove the hurdles you may currently experience. Below, we’ll tackle a few key dos and don'ts to keep in mind when managing your RV park.


RV Park Management Guidelines


Do: Offer Online Reservations

Without the right technology, it can be difficult to get your RV park on the map. By offering online reservations, campers can find and book their reservation directly on your website. You can also market your park on online travel agency (OTA) websites to reach the biggest audience. Some campsite booking software will include an Internet Booking Engine (IBE) that syncs your booking data across all channels for accurate rates.


Don’t: Resort To Pen and Paper

It may seem easier to jot down a name or notes on paper, but this habit often leads to communication gaps and frustration — especially when that paper goes missing. A cloud-based reservation system will allow you to store crucial information in a secure database without the risk of losing data if your internal network loses power.


Do: Provide Modern Amenities

Camping is no longer the equivalent of “roughing it.” The Herald Bulletin confirms “a new generation is redefining the experience of enjoying the great outdoors.” When you provide amenities, you can appeal to a wider variety of campers including digital nomads, business travelers, families, and more. 

Some amenities to consider providing at your park include:

Don’t: Settle for Flat-Rate Pricing

If your prices never change, you may be missing out on maximized revenue. Automated dynamic pricing lets you adjust your rates based on guidelines that you set. Dynamic pricing can reduce or increase your rates in real time based on your current space availability, seasonality, and special promotional periods — making RV park management comprehensive.


Do: Prioritize Safety and Security

Showing campers that you care about their safety starts with communicating safety information and rules. While it can be difficult to inform every camper in person, you can send a welcome email that includes your campground rules and safety information. Having well-trained staff on site, updating your emergency plan, and offering guided hikes are also great ways to ensure campground safety.


Don’t: Assume Every Guest Is an Experienced Camper

The RV Industry Association reported that, “About seven million leisure traveler households will try camping in 2022.” With so many expected new campers, it’s important to offer support and resources to ensure positive guest experiences for everyone. A guest portal allows for open communication so you can share helpful tips, information about upcoming events, and answer camping questions.


Do: Focus on Building Customer Loyalty

Campers are more likely to book a reservation with you again if they remember your outdoor property as a brand. Using built-in marketing with a reservation software, you can communicate consistently with guests before, during, and after their stays. Some ways to build customer loyalty include:

Don’t: Ignore Guest Feedback

According to a BrightLocal survey, 90% of customers look at reviews, and “89% of consumers are 'highly' or 'fairly' likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews.” Even if a review is less than stellar, it’s important to respond in a positive, helpful tone to maintain professionalism and proactively address any challenges at your campground.


Do: Make Data-Informed Decisions

A reservation system can track real-time data so you can make growth-focused decisions and successfully execute marketing strategies. All-in-one software may have a reporting feature that allows you to customize and automate your reports for optimum efficiency. 


Don’t: Get Overwhelmed by Too Many Programs 

Having multiple programs and applications for RV park management can make even the simplest daily operations time-consuming and inefficient. Using a single, consolidated reservation management system saves you the headache of jumping from program to program and can help reduce your operational costs. 


Achieve Operational Excellence With Effective Management

Streamlining daily operations and helping campers create memorable experiences at your outdoor property can lead you on the path to operational excellence. Robust RV park management software offers features and tools that support your efforts. To learn more about growing your business, get your free Operational Excellence guide today.

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