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3 Reasons To Join a Campground Association

It’s very common for managers, executives, and business owners to join professional associations, and the same applies to campground and RV park owners.

Campground association membership gives you the opportunity to be part of a community of people who answer each other’s questions, have faced similar circumstances, and may offer solutions to the unique challenges of your park. 

Let’s look at a few reasons you should join a state, regional, or national campground association.


3 Benefits of Joining Campground Associations


1. Save Money

While you may be actively participating in different money-saving strategies, including ways to identify hidden costs, joining a campground association can provide you with more ways to save.  

As the owner of a single or even a few campgrounds or RV parks, you may not have the buying power to negotiate lower costs for the services and products you need to operate your property. As part of a camping association, you have access to a wide range of vendor and partner discounts. 

These discounts include everything from propane and pool equipment to wireless internet and access control systems. The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) provides a savings calculator to determine how much a membership can save you. You’ll even find discounts for things you don’t even know you need. 


2. Be Seen, Heard, and Recognized

Association with other campgrounds and RV parks can also help your property be found online, magnify owner perspectives on issues that matter, and even provide recognition for your accomplishments.

Be Seen

To maintain and increase your occupancy levels, you need a comprehensive marketing plan and the right tools to make it happen. You may already include online travel agency listings as part of your strategy, but a campground association membership lets you list your campsites in other places.

For example, the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners provides a robust list of campgrounds in the state that lets campers search by campground name or by city or region. If you are in an area with both a state and a regional association offering listing opportunities, you may want to consider joining both.

Be Heard

As an individual, you may be unable to influence regulations and laws affecting our industry. On the other hand, associations bring together many voices and can drive legislative outcomes favorable to campground and RV park owners.

For example, ARVC is currently pursuing these efforts:

  • Fighting against tax increases and mandates on small businesses
  • Encouraging the rejection of job-killing tax hikes

The Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO) recently helped push through two pieces of state legislation — one concerning the liability of RV parks and campgrounds and the other about water billing.

Be Recognized

ARVC recognizes campgrounds and RV parks in two different ways. 

Properties everywhere are implementing reduce, reuse, and recycle programs as part of a sustainability effort. ARVC’s Plan-It Green program recognizes parks that are committed to eco-friendly practices. By meeting nine of 16 criteria, your park can be recognized as a Plan-It Green Friendly park.

ARVC also presents Awards of Excellence, which are awarded to member parks based on park size, for Park of the Year and Plan-It Green Park of the Year. This recognition is tangible proof that you have created a campground that exceeds expectations and stands head and shoulders above others.


3. Learn From Industry Experts 

Did you know there is a community group for association managers? Twice a year, Campground Association Management Professionals (CAMP) brings together state campground and RV park associations to share information. These association leaders have recognized the value of continuous learning. 

Joining an association gives you access to curated educational content and best practices to help improve your property, streamline campground operations, and enhance the camper experience.  These on-demand resources often include guides, webinars, and checklists, some of which are only available to members. 

Associations also provide opportunities for in-person education and networking at conferences. In addition to the national ARVC conference, you can find state or regional conferences like the Northeastern Campground Organization regional conference.


The Connection Between Associations and Reservation Management Systems


What do campground associations and reservation management systems have in common? 

As a campground or RV park owner, you want to enhance your campers’ experiences, streamline your operations, and generate a profit. As a member of a campground association, you’ll receive several benefits — from saving money to learning best practices. With the right reservation management system, you’ll have the industry-leading tools and features you need.

Together, campground associations and the right reservation management system can help you achieve your goals.

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