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4 RMS Operations Management Tools Every Campground Should Leverage

With the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry — and the influx of a newer generation of campers — it’s time to upgrade your campground operations with the right software.

RMS software is built for campground managers just like you and continues to roll out the most updated features and tools to match the demands of modern campers across all touchpoints. Here are the four operations management tools from RMS that can plant your brand’s stake in the hospitality industry for years to come. 


4 Operations Management Tools in RMS to Improve Your Campground Processes


1. Cross-property Business Insights

With one dashboard that organizes and shares data across all departments, RMS unifies operations management tools across your properties.

With a single database, you can manage all of your properties and: 

  • Evaluate their KPIs
  • Exchange guest data in real time
  • Establish distinct branding for each property
  • Instantly share reports to assist in multi-property decision-making

Pairing business intelligence (BI) with customizable reporting and cross-property analytics make data easy to view and evaluate. 

Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that RMS uses military-grade security measures to ensure your data is protected.


2. Limitless Integrations

RMS allows you to connect with the most popular technology choices on the market to improve the flexibility and efficiency of your campground. With over 550+ integrated partners, you can build the perfect tech stack to meet your needs, all through a single platform

Plus, with our cloud-based platform and open API, you can customize your operational tools according to your business demands. 


3. Tailored SEO Packages and Website Support

SEO and site ranking should be implemented alongside internal processes since they directly improve your main source of revenue — reservations. 

RMS can significantly boost your web presence and revenue with specialized SEO packages that include a range of services for properties and websites of every size and demand. 

RMS Jumpstarter

This is a great initial step for companies that want to improve their chances of being noticed by customers and search engines but aren't ready for a monthly program. With this package, your campground will receive SEO tools and benefits such as heading and meta description optimization for content as well as setting up a Google Analytics account for advanced reporting. 

RMS Local

Designed for small businesses to stand out from the competitors and carve a niche in a particular location.

With this package, you’ll gain the RMS Jumpstart benefits as well as competitor analyses, keyword research, and much more.

If you’re a campground that wishes to serve local clients, stand out from the surrounding competition, and secure a market share in a particular region, this package is for you.

RMS Custom SEO

Alternatively, if you wanted to mix and match your SEO strategy, the RMS Custom SEO package enables you to do just that. 

Learn more about creating the SEO package that best suits your campground needs. 

Modernized Web Design Support With RMS

A fast and responsive website that’s mobile-friendly is needed to boost SEO and improve the user experience. But adapting your website is just the first step to ensure that online visitors can book a reservation hassle-free.

That’s where RMS can step in to offload some of the maintenance for your website.

While you concentrate on more practical operations, the RMS team can create and/or manage a new website that will enhance the user and guest experience, maximize your web presence, and grow your business.

You can get started with just four simple steps that you’ll find here.

End-to-End Visibility

All website efforts can be enhanced with our native internet booking engine, ensuring that as you reach the right audiences, they have the opportunity to book directly with you. This means that website visitor data passes into your management software and you gain end-to-end visibility on what efforts are driving campers to your business. With RMS’ business intelligence tools, you can ensure your site is tailored to the efforts that maximize bookings and revenue with information you gained from your website!


4. Simplified Onboarding & Transition Tools

We know that transitioning management software can be daunting, especially with the vast amount of data you manage. To help reduce the operational strain on your team, our onboarding process is as simple as these five steps:

  1. Talk to an RMS specialist
  2. Schedule a (free) demo with us to see all the features RMS offers as well as answer any preliminary questions you may have
  3. Once we’ve established a price and process that works for you, we’ll ask that you sign the service agreement
  4. You’ll then meet your software onboarding and installation specialist
  5. Finally, we onboard the system and provide the latest news and trends with RMS 

Getting access to the platform is just the start, though. RMS offers data import tools to help you migrate and manage property data to ensure your transition process is simplified and unified:

  • Area Import
  • Rate Type Import
  • Reservation Import
  • Transaction Import
  • Asset Import
  • Company Import
  • And many more

The RMS advantage extends beyond our software; we also offer practical assistance for all of your campsite needs. With the help from our skilled team of experts, we’ll lead your staff through a seamless onboarding and implementation process to ensure they can start using your campground management tools as quickly as possible.

After you've been set up, our 24/7 support resources ensure that you can always get help if you need it.


Benefits of RMS Operations Tools for Campground Managers

RMS has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 40 years, and for good reason, too. Our cloud-based operations management tools are unmatched within the industry and continue to offer campgrounds benefits, such as:

  • Streamlined operations across all touchpoints for a seamless staff and guest experience
  • Features to help maximize reach and digital presence across all channels
  • Robust reporting with actionable insights to upgrade your decision-making
  • Cutting-edge tools that are always up-to-date with the latest hospitality and travel trends
  • Consistent and streamlined product updates that are easy to roll out due to the capabilities of cloud-based operations


Software Designed for Campground Managers


Running a campground has many challenges that managers, like yourself, can remedy with the addition of RMS’ all-in-one reservation and property management system. 

Our software was built to handle current and unpredictable hospitality challenges, offering cutting-edge features, cloud computing, and reliable onboarding support to assist your property as it grows. Discover the power of RMS with a personalized demo.

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