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How To Streamline Front Desk Operations | Marina Management Software

Every marina is a little bit different in terms of appearance, size, amenities, and operations, but two things remain constant.

First, front desk responsibilities are typically the same to keep the marina running smoothly. But while staff should be focused on making every guest’s experience memorable, they often find themselves managing repetitive tasks that can — and should — be done by technology.

Second, boaters are increasingly looking for options on how they engage with marina technology. Fewer boaters walk up to the office to ask about jet ski or boat availability. Instead, they want to control how they engage with you and your staff with technology-based solutions.

Fortunately, the changing expectations of your customers and the needs of your staff are perfectly aligned. Below, we’ll discuss how to streamline your process  —  and improve the boater experience — with the support of robust marina management software.


3 Must-Have Marina Management Software Features


1. Internet Booking Engine

Offer Convenience for Your Boaters

Self-booking technology is used across so many industries that the absence of an IBE at your marina can disenfranchise boaters who expect that option. In addition, a marina management software solution that offers customizable reservation software gives you access to more guest data and feedback, letting you improve the boater experience as a whole. 

Streamline Operations for Your Staff

Streamlining processes for your staff is equally important. When your boaters handle the booking process themselves, your front desk staff will spend much less time answering emails and picking up the phone. 

However, the advantage of an IBE goes beyond just making a reservation. Since direct bookings on your website let you bypass extra OTA fees, an IBE can save you money. Additionally, bookings through an IBE are in real-time, allowing your staff to respond to and solve problems instantly. Considering the growth of the hospitality industry, speedy and updated information is crucial for maximizing bookings and revenue for your marina.


2. Dynamic Pricing

One way to maximize your revenue is with the ability to adjust pricing based on demand or season. If your marina slip management software offers integration with a Dynamic Pricing tool, you can optimize your rates for your reservations according to your goals and time of year.

For example, suppose you are approaching one of the busiest times for your marina. In that case, you can scale your rates to match the influx of boaters, maximizing your revenue, occupation rate, and quality of experience for your guests.

Furthermore, the Dynamic Pricing tool with the right software can prevent user error through cutting-edge automation. By setting the desired price parameters during promotional periods and events, you can set them and forget them so your staff can focus on improving other areas of your marina.


3. Guest Portal

When asked how to manage a marina efficiently, one of the best tips is to ensure your reservation software supports a guest portal. Not only can your boaters check in and out online, but they can manage reservation details, view payment history, and — with the right solution — access 24/7 chatbot support to quickly answer their questions. 

Guest portals can also offer tools for effective communication. For example, the best marina management software provides automated email and SMS messaging to communicate directly with your boaters. Not only can you streamline your front desk management with instant communication between your visitors and staff, but you can also use personalized messaging to provide a memorable and individualized experience. Personalized messaging is a great way to leverage and upsell discounts, offers, promotional deals, and much more. 


Sail to Success With All-in-One Marina Management Software 

Whether you are managing a small boutique marina or a large boatyard, the right all-in-one solution can be a game changer. 

RMS certainly has been a game changer for Twin Creeks Marina in Tennessee, according to its property manager, Tim Jeffries. “With RMS, I know they’re always looking down the road. They continue to improve and update the platform. It seems like there’s always a new feature coming out and that was important to me when looking for a vendor.”

But you don’t have to take Tim’s word for it. Instead, discover how RMS can help you streamline your front desk operations with a personalized demonstration.

Schedule your demo today.

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