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Marina Management Tips To Maximize Guest Satisfaction

Making your marina stand out amongst the competition for your guests can be difficult and complex. But there are many ways you can provide a great experience for your boaters and make your property one customers will want to return to.

Marina amenities and services are the best places to start supporting your guests. Here are a few to consider for improving the guest experience at your marina.

5 Marina Amenities To Offer at Your Property


1. Online Reservations 

Providing guests with the ability to book a slip directly through your website with your marina management software’s Internet booking engine (IBE) can save you money and boost your occupancy rate. Additionally, you’ll save costs by reducing online travel agency (OTA) fees.

Furthermore, using the right marina management software with an Internet booking engine can free up staff from handling every reservation. Instead of being on the phone or answering emails more than what’s necessary, they could be handling other tasks that boost your guest experience at your marina.

2. Guest Portal

One critical component of making a positive guest experience is investing in modern software tools and features. 

For example, if your marina management software supports an online guest portal, boaters can check in and check out or manage payments and reservations. In a guest portal, there may be 24/7/365 chatbot support to help your guests with their problems at any time. This saves them from having to call the front desk for the slightest issues, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks without concern. Additionally, 68% of users like chatbots for how fast they respond to their queries, which make them great tools for improving the guest experience at your marina.

3. Accessibility and Safety

The best marinas take accessibility and security very seriously. In fact, they even have security personnel and security cameras dedicated to watching over their property at night.

One important security feature you can use at your marina is a physical barrier — like a fence — or signage separating slips. If you use a fence, consider using a key code system for accessing your marina.

Every marina should have a comprehensive safety policy that informs your boaters what security measures you use, what’s allowed or disallowed at your marina, and that you’re up-to-date with fire safety regulations required in your locale.

A vacation to your marina slip should be peaceful and safe. Taking the time to address your security and rules will provide a more positive experience for your boaters.

4. Food Options and Equipment Rentals

As a marina owner, providing food options and equipment rentals can enhance the guest experience for your boaters. A general store where your customers can rent materials is a great way to meet their needs.

With your general store, it’s best to figure out what your customers would want you to sell or what they are most likely to buy. To do this, you can perform:

  • Surveys that ask what boating supplies they would like to see in your store
  • Ask them in person what food or equipment they need for their stay
  • Email marketing with deals to measure what materials seem to sell

Finding out what your guests want and need will give you a better understanding of your customers, which can help you make better amenity investments for your property and provide a great experience for your boaters.

5. Events and Activities

One way to attract boaters to your marina is through activities and events. These can help you connect with your guests and learn what activities they like to do. Some popular activities you can add to your marina are:

  • Fishing competitions — Provide a designated fishing and fish cleaning area in your competitions
  • Movie or game nights — Host movie or game nights to connect with your guests and provide a memorable experience
  • Kayaking, paddle boarding, or surfing — Get your guests to engage in some of these physical activities and offer lessons to help them learn

If applicable, you can use your marina management software’s built-in guest portal to inform guests of upcoming events, activities, or special rental offers

Marina Property Management Made Easy 

Pairing the amenities we’ve mentioned above with the right marina software is the perfect recipe for operational success and a positive experience for your boaters. With the right marina property management software, you can automate several tasks and simplify day-to-day operations with personalized email marketing, a helpful guest portal, and much more.

Discover how the right reservation and property management system can change your marina for the better by downloading this free guide.


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