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3 Ways To Enhance the Guest Experience at Your Marina

As a marina owner or manager, you know that your boater's specific needs and expectations may differ from other outdoor property visitors. So how do you improve the guest experience for your marina visitors? 

Adjusting management and operational strategies to encompass the uniqueness of your property can leave each boater with positive memories every time they book a reservation. Below, we’ll discuss three steps you can take to enhance your marina’s guest experience.

1. Tackle “Curb” Appeal and Accessibility

When visitors see your marina for the first time, it can leave a lasting impression and be the start of a great experience. However, not all boaters will pull into the parking lot with their watercraft in tow. 

Depending on the logistics and location of your marina, it’s possible that many boaters can sail right up to their reserved slip space. To start the guest experience off right, assure that your docks are regularly cleaned and always up to code. 

In addition to those essentials, consider going the extra mile to promote universal access. If your marina has barrier-free access, as opposed to merely barrier-free modifications, you can improve the guest experience for everyone, and show respect and care for those with physical limitations and disabilities. 

Barrier-free access may include:

  • A sloped gangway.
  • An expanded walkway and finger pier width.
  • Non-slip finishes. 
  • A high live load capacity to accommodate motorized chairs. 
  • Additional lighting.

While these changes won’t happen overnight, a gradual increase in curb appeal and accessibility can go a long way in improving the guest experience and increasing the reputation of your marina.

2. Provide Unique Entertainment and Amenities  

If possible, take advantage of what your property has to offer by promoting all amenities and activities through your marina management system.

Depending on the capabilities and dynamics of your marina property, consider offering:

  • Fishing contests.
  • Kayaking or surfing.
  • Grill stations
  • Pools
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Equipment and movie rentals
  • WiFi packages

When your boaters have — and are aware of — options to add to their experience, they can plan to make the most out of their stay. Increased offerings can also give your visitors a reason to book with you time and time again.

3. Personalization Through the Right Marina Management System

Boaters can enjoy their time at your property more if guest communications are personal, efficient, and proactive. By providing guest experience tools such as a Guest Portal, your boaters can communicate directly with your staff from their mobile device without leaving their boat. This will give your visitors more time back in their day and they can make the most of their stay.

Features of some reservation management systems may also include the convenience of self-service check-in and check-out, which can free up your staff’s time and allow them to focus on customer service requests.

As long as the device has an internet connection, you, your staff, and your visitors may be able to utilize marina management software from a mobile device or desktop computer anytime and anywhere in order to promote strong communication. Some marina management software may allow you to include personalized emails with discount offers for future reservations, a “thank you for your reservation” message through SMS messaging, and other personalized communications to make every visitor feel appreciated.

The Reservation and Property Management System for You

As a marina property manager or owner, you need marina management software that can grow your business by enhancing the guest experience from the moment your boaters make a reservation. 

Download our free guide today to find out what features make a reservation and property management system right for you. 

choosing the right reservation and property management system

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