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How To Manage a Marina With Customizable Reservation Software

Managing a marina can sometimes be complicated; balancing operational excellence and the guest experience for your boaters is no easy storm to weather.

The right tools and features from robust, all-in-one marina management software can help you achieve the perfect balance. So, you can run your business with efficiency and ease, all while providing the best guest experience.

Below, we’ll discuss three different methods to support your marina property management strategy.

How To Manage a Marina With Software Integrations

Open API, commonly called public API, is a tool that enables multiple pieces of software to communicate with each other. This sets the foundation for a seamless experience for your business operations. Think of an open API as an integration manager that can boost your operational efficiency.

Marina reservation software with an open API streamlines the user experience as you access key integrations from one dashboard. It can also enable a smooth-sailing experience for your guests. Here are a few integrations your software should support to provide the best experience for your staff and guests:

1. Self-Service Integrations

The most important integration you need is one that can increase revenue, reduce cost, and let your boaters book their reservations on their own. The right marina management software will include an Internet Booking Engine (IBE). An IBE is an integration that saves reservation and payment information for online visitors for easy access.

Guests want the ability to book their boating outing the moment they discover your website. By integrating an Internet Booking Engine into your operations, you save your staff time while providing a streamlined and convenient experience for your visitors. 

An IBE can integrate into your marina property management software to offer the following benefits:

  • More direct bookings
  • Highly accurate reports of customer behavior and activity
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Provides convenience for your guests for a more positive experience

2. Customizable Reporting

With the right marina software solutions, customizable reporting can help you improve and expand your business. With robust and comprehensive reports, you’ll receive actionable insights into customer behavior and activity on your website. These reports can help you scale your marina and make data-backed decisions at the right times, enabling you to capitalize on every opportunity to grow your operations. 

Furthermore, you can save your most insightful reports as favorites for instant access. You can also automate these reports and choose which ones are emailed to you and/or stakeholders.

3. Branded Messaging

Your marina management software may offer features that allow you to sculpt your messaging and website to match your brand.

The right marina reservation software solutions allow you to unify the look and feel of your brand by:

  • Utilizing marketing email templates for on-brand messaging
  • Customizing the theme and colors of the guest portal
  • Having a responsive website that showcases the best features of your marina
  • Building brand loyalty by using a Guest Rewards feature

Seamless brand messaging promotes a positive visitor experience and helps you establish an online presence that can attract more boaters to your property. 

Managing Your Marina With Industry-Leading Software

The right marina property management software can give you the flexibility and agility to boost direct bookings, make data-driven decisions, and unify your brand messaging to provide a seamless experience for both your staff and guests. 

Not sure which software to use to run your marina? Get more insight with our free software comparison guide!


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