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Advanced Marina Management Software Solutions Available With RMS

As the marina industry is becoming more and more competitive, it’s crucial that you have the right hardware and software in place.

Small or large, RMS provides your marina with the necessary customizable tools that help you manage your operations and provide great boater experiences.

With RMS marina management software, you can improve operational efficiency, boost ROI, and automate tasks for more cohesive and streamlined marina management.


All-in-one Software Features Built for Marinas

With the marina sector increasing gradually over the last 10 years, you need marina management software that accounts for each area of your operations. RMS streamlines every aspect of your marina with the following features.


Take The Guesswork Out of Marina Rate Management

At marinas, reservation ebbs and flows are particularly common. Ensure your marina is prepared to handle the influx of boaters and can adjust your rates in real time with the RMS Dynamic Pricing Tool.

RMS Dynamic Pricing

To maximize occupancy, RMS' Dynamic Pricing Tool makes sure that prices update instantly in response to shifting boater trends and booking demands based on your parameters.

The RMS Control Panel gives you the ability to quickly set specific parameters — or Multi Best Available Rates (BAR) — and pivot them when necessary. Our Dynamic Pricing Tool can then automate your marina rates based on your established rules. Rate automation dramatically improves efficiency and the booking experience while increasing revenue. 


Slip Booking Made Easy

If your marina only accepts reservations made over the phone or through a general contact form during business hours, your marina may be missing out on capturing bookings and relevant boater information.

With convenient features, such an Internet Booking Engine (IBE), you can provide a modernized and streamlined experience for your boaters and staff.

Internet Booking Engine 

An IBE allows boaters to book a slip directly through your website no matter the time of day. With marinas that only allow for phone reservations, boaters are limited to making reservations during business hours.

RMS gives marina managers full access to an IBE that makes it simple for boaters to book their reservation directly on your website without ever needing to call your marina. Here, boaters can input important filters and parameters, such as their exact boat type, length, and width, before selecting the exact slip they need.

For marinas that offer more than one type of accommodation, the RMS IBE enables boaters to conveniently reserve multiple types of accommodations within one reservation. For example, if your property hosts RV sites in addition to your marina slips, guests can book both for their visit with a click of a button. 


Interactive Map

Giving boaters the ability to see available slips, not just read about them, can provide a better reservation experience for your online visitors.

An interactive map let’s boaters do just that and enables boaters to:

  • Better visualize your marina without needing to visit it
  • See slips that are already taken and slips that are available
  • Check the availability for the dates and boat size they have chosen
  • Individualizes their experience compared to reserving over the phone

Additionally, RMS can help set up an interactive map for your marina and walk you through other complexities. Learn more about our support services here.


Boater Experience Enhancement Tools

The outdoor hospitality industry has shifted toward offering online reservation and payment options to provide a great guest experience. Self-service features for your boaters are needed now more than ever. 

With self-service tools within RMS’ marina management software, your visitors can do the following without ever contacting your front desk:

  • Check in and check out at any time
  • Upload important payment information and other documentation
  • Complete and electronically sign any necessary waivers through a Guest Portal

Additionally, instead of needing to store paper documentation, all necessary information is stored digitally for easy and consolidated access.


24/7 Mobile Access

Mobilizing your access to data can save you time and optimize your efficiency. 

RMS is supported by the cloud and allows you to access your data from any location at any time from a user friendly, mobile dashboard. This grants you full visibility into expected arrivals, departures, and soon-to-be available slips with updated booking information for your boaters.


Seamless Integrations

The ability to customize your marina management tools to match your specific needs provides many benefits, including improvements to ROI, productivity, brand, and much more.

One native integration, for example, is our point-of-sale (POS) system that can provide multiple, digital payment options for a modernized experience. With our POS system integration, it’s easy to centralize transaction data if your marina has a store that caters to your boaters' needs — such as fuel, ice, or more. Boaters will enjoy the freedom to quickly pick up last-minute supplies and have a positive experience with your marina as they do.

If you want to customize your marina operations further, our open API enables you to fine-tune your marina to your ideal property. Customize your integrations and mold them to your processes.


Modernize Your Marina With RMS

Selecting the right marina management software is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your property. Make the decision easy with a demo from RMS.

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