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RV Park Marketing Ideas for Every Stage of the Stay

According to a RVs Move America Economic Impact Study, the RV industry has a deep economic impact, including $35.7 billion by RV campgrounds and related travel, with indications that the industry will continue to flourish. This is great news for RV parks, as it offers a chance to increase revenue by filling up spaces all year long. 

With the right marketing strategy, you can put your RV park on the map to attract new and returning guests alike. Below, we’ll discuss how to market your RV park successfully during every stage of a reservation. 


RV Park Marketing Strategies by Stage


1. RV Park Marketing for the Pre-Booking Stage

To grow your RV park business, you should address both attracting new visitors and reengaging your current audience through consistent brand messaging.

Grow Your Audience With Social Media

Your social media strategy should start with an evaluation of which channels would have audiences receptive to staying at your RV park. While you could post and advertise on every channel, you can yield better results if you focus your efforts. For branding and expanding your audience, use your chosen social media channels for both ad copy and helpful, routine posts.

In the early stages of introducing new people to your brand, showcase what RV camping is all about. For example, you can address pain points such as what new campers should pack and how to plan for emergencies. With this type of content, you are showing potential guests that you put their needs first. 

To attract experienced RVers, include photos of your RV Park and information on available amenities or upcoming events. Make sure that your social media pages and ad copy match the branding of your website to leave a lasting impression.

Engagement With Targeted Email Marketing

For existing guests that you have data on, you can entice them to return to your RV park with targeted email marketing. Pull data from your RV park reservation software and use email marketing templates to personalize emails and engage your audience. 

Personalized email ideas include:

  • Offering them the same RV site as their last reservation
  •  A discount to reward returning visitors
  • Share events that match their preferences
  • Showcase new updates or upgrades (i.e., if your park can facilitate electric vehicles)

When you include content in your marketing emails that your visitors find valuable, you’ll increase the engagement and success of your emails while improving the likelihood of repeat bookings.


2. Utilize RV Park Marketing Opportunities Within the Booking Stage

Your website is your top marketing tool. An appealing, functional website with a Book Now button allows for a convenient and straightforward booking experience.  

An integrated booking engine (IBE) gives you that Book Now button so your website can receive online bookings in real time from any device. During the booking process, guests can view uploaded photos of sites and utilize an interactive map of the RV park to select their reservation space. During this process, visitors can effortlessly choose upgrades and event packages to elevate their experience. 

To increase bookings, you can also advertise discounts directly on your website. Dynamic pricing can be used for automatic rate adjustments which will update in real time across all linked channels for an error-free reservation process.

After a guest books their stay, you can use your all-in-one RV park booking software to automatically send a confirmation email. This email can contain additional offers that would appeal to your visitors, including an invitation to your loyalty program for additional savings.


3. Upsell to Visitors During Their Stay

During their stay, your guests may be interested in additional services, amenities, and events. You can use communication tools such as direct SMS text messages to upsell:

  • WiFi packages or faster speeds
  • Gym access
  • Equipment rentals
  • Guided hikes
  • Food trucks
  • Special events such as movie nights
  • And more

For effective upselling, make sure your guests know what items and services are complementary and what is available to purchase. 

Face-to-Face Marketing

Although communication tools can be very effective, you have another way to upsell to your visitors: your staff. Your staff members should act as ambassadors of your RV property. Encourage your front desk or clubhouse team to suggest additional upgrades and services that might interest your guests. This could be as simple as handing out event flyers to visitors during their stay or suggesting additional purchases from your RV park store. 


4. Use a Thank You Email Post-Stay

Marketing an RV park shouldn’t end when a guest leaves your park. Personalize the full RV park experience by thanking guests for visiting and adding personalized recommendations for future stays. 

Your post-stay marketing emails should also include a primary and secondary offer such as a link to your loyalty program and an invitation to book another stay at a discount. Or, if they are already a part of the program, let them know how close they are to their next reward and include instructions on how to redeem it. 


Up Your RV Park Marketing Strategy


Your RV park marketing strategy should touch every stage of the stay to increase your revenue and ensure a great guest experience. No matter how you employ your marketing efforts, remember to put the needs of your visitors first by personalizing the experience and providing relevant offerings. For successful branding and marketing strategies, personalized email marketing templates, and more engagement tips, download your free Marketing Toolkit

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