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3 Upselling Techniques With RV Park Reservation Software

In the last 20 years, RV ownership has skyrocketed by over 62% with the total 2021 RV-owning households hitting 11.2 million. Additionally, it’s projected that in 2023, over 60% of Americans are planning on taking a vacation or road trip in an RV, according to Wakefield Research.

As a result, it’s more important than ever to optimize your upselling to maximize revenue and reservations.

Below, we’ll explain how to drive more upselling opportunities with your RV park management software.


3 Ways To Upsell Your Visitors With Your Reservation Software 

1. Build Trust With Personalized Communication

Today’s camper expects a personalized experience, before and after their stay. With the right solution, you can use personalized messaging to offer relevant information to your guests, such as emails and SMS messages.

If supported by your RV park reservation software, you can use the integrated guest portal and email marketing templates to personalize your messaging through emails, social media, and more.

This can be especially helpful when you are trying to upsell your services or products. By using your software’s reporting tools, you may be able to use data analytics and actionable insights to help you understand when and to who to market your offers, upgrade packages, limited-time deals, products, etc.

If your RV park reservation software supports it, a guest portal is also a great way to implement upselling techniques. With a guest portal, you can upsell long-stay discounts or additional packages including activities and/or celebrations, such as holidays, anniversaries, and many more events.

Extra Tip: Increase Upselling Opportunities During Special Events

By upselling amenities during the busier times of the year, you not only can maximize your revenue per sale, but you are also more likely to have the opportunity to upsell to groups or those celebrating special events.


2. Leverage Loyalty Programs

One of the worst mistakes you can make is trying to oversell your upselling offers. This will only drive visitors away and lead to low or even negative ROI. 

Instead, take advantage of your RV park management software’s loyalty program to build trust and incentivize your customers to continue to return and make additional purchases. By providing your visitors what they want, upselling becomes a lot easier to pull off. Consider offering points to campers for making in-store purchases that they can then redeem later on for savings on products or reservations.


3. Take Advantage of Dynamic Pricing

If your property management software provides a Dynamic Pricing tool, you can adapt your RV park rates according to the time of year. During the busy season, you can scale your rates up or down if you want to offer discounts and offers. Additionally, you can upsell during these busy times to boost your conversions according to the influx or drop off in traffic to your website. By collecting important visitor data, you can learn when it’s the best time to send offers or discounts to your campers.

With a Dynamic Pricing tool, you can accomplish a lot of this automatically. With this feature, you can maximize your ROI by sending offers, discounts, and upgraded packages when it makes the most sense for your business without your staff needing to step in and do it manually.


Maximize Your RV Park Profits With Your Reservation System

With RV park management software that supports personalized messaging, loyalty programs, and Dynamic Pricing, you can discover new upselling opportunities and still provide a memorable experience for your visitors.

Improving your upselling opportunities is not the only service the right outdoor management system can provide. It can offer much more to help you optimize your operations and maximize revenue and occupation rate at your outdoor property. 

Discover how RV park reservation software features can improve your upselling techniques and help you achieve operational excellence by downloading your free ebook today!

Download the guide today.

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