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3 Business Benefits of Interactive Marina Maps

As a business owner, you want to provide an exceptional day on the water — and shore — for your boaters. Oftentimes, that starts with your marina’s booking process.

For many, their first interaction with your business is a visit to your website to learn more about your property and make reservations. 

An interactive marina map can be the missing piece to ensure a professional website and booking experience. Let’s take a look at the benefits of an interactive marina map.


The Benefits of Utilizing Interactive Maps for Your Marina


1. Makes Booking More Seamless

When reserving marina boat slips, visitors expect accurate information and a seamless experience

Online interactive maps let users click, pan, and zoom across your marina for a more comprehensive understanding of your property layout. Interactive marina maps also grant real-time availability and information and simplify the booking process for your boaters. 

From selecting a slip to making additional purchases, RMS can streamline your  reservation process:

Marina Slip Selection

By simply uploading a high-resolution copy of your property and specifying its purpose (staff, online booking, or both), you can generate a graphic depiction of your property. This depiction includes the representation of your dock locations, office, restaurant, and other amenities.

If you have a multi-use property, interactive maps can also be used to reserve camping or RV spots, which is especially helpful for group bookings. 

Once you connect your marina boat slips to the property map, boaters can:

Specify their needs. Boaters will be prompted to enter their desired reservation dates and the size of the slip they need. They then have the option of booking via an interactive marina map.

View the property and availability. Enable boaters to view a map of your entire property, including all docks and slips available for the selected size requirements and date range. 

Discover slip details. After identifying a slip they are interested in, guests will be able to view the relevant details, including pricing and pictures. Selection is as simple as clicking “add”, and moving through the remainder of the reservation process.

Reserving Marina Boat Slips

Based on your marina management policies, you may offer site lock-in fees or other specific parameters that you need to disclose to prospective guests. With RMS, you can customize a message providing this information. For example, when boaters select a slip, they will be able to view your custom message and be prompted to proceed.

After they agree to their marina slip rental selection, guests can then select additional purchases or rentals before completing the transaction. This cross-selling opportunity lets you increase retail sales and rentals for extra life jackets, fire extinguishers, ice, or even special offers and packages.


2. Simplifies Marina Management

Your boaters aren’t the only ones who win with interactive maps. RMS interactive maps can also simplify the burden on your staff by providing readily accessible information across teams.

Digital Staff Resource

These maps are great for onboarding new staff but, more importantly, they give your team real-time visibility into your property, docks and slips, and other amenities. Your team will be able to answer questions like these more easily:

  • Do you have any slips available closer to the restaurant?
  • More friends are joining us and they have a bigger boat. Do you have a slip for them near ours?
  • We love your marina! Do you have long-term rental options so we can keep our boat here for the next three months?

Professional In-person Bookings

Interactive maps are also a great tool for your staff for in-person marina slip rentals. 

When your team has access to an intuitive interactive map, they can view availability slip specifics, and see associated rental rates. Armed with this knowledge, your staff is more efficient at in-person bookings, can speak with authority, and is empowered to deliver a great experience for your guests.


Modernize Your Marina With Cutting-edge Reservation Management Software 

With RMS, you’ll have access to cutting-edge interactive features to give your visitors an amazing experience and streamline your marina management processes. 

More importantly, our team at RMS is ready to help you set up and implement your interactive map in no time.

However, interactive marina maps are only the beginning of what RMS can do for your business. With RMS, you’ll also have access to top-of-the-line reporting features, guest experience tools, and much more to grow or start your marina.

To see the entire scope of our platform, request a demo with our team today.


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