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4 Things To Consider as a New Marina Owner

Did you recently invest in a marina? Congratulations! Managing a marina can be a challenge but with the right tools and best practices, you can set your outdoor property up for success. 

From listening to your boaters to utilizing a marina management software solution, here are the top four considerations to keep in mind as a new marina owner. 


 1. Consider the Needs and Preferences of Your Boaters

Whether they’re short-term or long-term boaters, visitors at your marina prefer access to certain amenities. Additionally, offering amenities at your marina is a great way for your business to stand out from the competition.

Power While Docked

Shore power connects a boat to the power source on the slip and is necessary to save boaters from using up precious fuel while docked. Consider offering shore power cords to boaters at your marina to make their stay more comfortable.

Keep boater safety in mind by sharing a few charging tips with them. Boaters should never leave their boat plugged in unmonitored, and there should be enough space for the cord to prevent it from getting trapped during higher winds. 

Clean Restrooms and Showers

Often seen as a necessity by visitors with smaller setups,  clean restrooms and showers at your property will offer convenience and comfort for everyone. Consider a cleaning schedule and routine checks to make sure your facilities are clean and in proper working condition. 

Other Attractive Amenities

While shore power and clean bathrooms and showers are important, there are some other opportunities to maximize reservations at your marina. 

Additional offerings to consider for your marina include:

  • WiFi Availability. Since some boaters may not have their own WiFi, consider offering WiFi at your marina for an additional charge.
  • Restaurants or Food Delivery Options. Having a restaurant at your property can be a great investment, but you can also consider providing a list of restaurants who will deliver to your marina.
  • Entertainment. Hosting fun events such as movie screenings, karaoke, or even board game nights, will help create a memorable experience for boaters.

You can use your marina management software to connect with your boaters. For example, if the software includes this functionality, a messaging tool will allow you to let them know about the availability of shore power cords as well as tips for living on their boat.


 2. Build a Solid Reputation for Your Marina

As a new marina owner, you’ll want to build up your reputation to increase your reservations. A good start is ensuring a memorable experience for every guest by adding your personal touch. As a new marina owner, introduce yourself to your boaters and stay involved in day-to-day operations until your staff is built up and your marina is operating smoothly.

In order to get your team up and running on their own, offer continuous training for your staff so they can provide excellent customer service tailored to the needs of your boaters. Staff members should be comfortable using your marina management software to check reservations, guest communications, and more. Well-trained staff will reflect positively on how much you value customer satisfaction.

Even if your staff is trained and ready to build up your marina’s reputation with less help from you, it’s important to stay connected with your boaters. One way you can do this is to show your boaters you value their opinions by asking for online reviews, quickly responding to requests and questions, and addressing any complaints in a professional, efficient manner. Using a marina management software, you may also be able to send a quick thank you email after your boaters have checked out. These simple customer service actions will increase your reputation as a top-notch marina.

 3. Market Your Property

To increase revenue, your marina should make a splash in the boater circle. Since everyone appreciates smooth sailing, check that your website is error-free and updated regularly. Offering direct booking on your website will make it easy for boaters to book a slip at your marina. 

In order for boaters to find your marina online, grow your social media efforts by creating regular posts and using promotions to increase bookings, especially during the slow season. 

Take the time to introduce your business to your community. Distribute posters and flyers at nearby businesses to promote your marina and see if any business owners wish to be involved in special events at your property, such as food truck nights, to further increase your marketing efforts. 

4. Pave the Road to Success

The path of a new marina owner has its challenges, but it’s also an exciting journey. The right marina management software will allow you to streamline your operations and provide your boaters with the best guest experience possible. 

RMS provides a configurable reservation management solution to suit your business needs. 

Our solutions include:

  • Real-time reservation and rate management.
  • Multiple-property management capability.
  • Free and responsive software management support.
  • Customizable platform to match your business needs.
  • The ability to connect to a third-party booking channel.

Discover how the right reservation and property management system can change your marina for the better by downloading this free guide, Choosing a Reservation & Property Management System, today!

choosing the right reservation and property management system

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