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Holiday Campground Activities to Promote With Reservation Software

The holidays are right around the corner, which means campers are planning their next adventure, hoping to create everlasting memories with their families and friends. This season, you can help campers celebrate traditions and stand out as a desirable destination by offering fun campground activities.

To create memorable experiences for your campers during this magical time, explore these festive campground ideas for your park and how you can promote them with reservation management software.


6 Campground Activities to Offer During Holiday Season

As camping continues to become more of a social activity, incorporating holiday activities at your campsite can help you attract guests to your property this season. Here are a few things you can offer: 

  • Holiday meals
  • A holiday cookie contest
  • A campsite decorating contest
  • Watch-along parties of the most popular holiday movies 
  • DIY holiday crafts and cards
  • Sleigh rides

How to Promote These Activities With Robust Reservation Software


Plan Winter Holiday Specials and Deals

If your reservation management system has a dynamic pricing feature, you can set the right prices this holiday season to maximize your occupation rate, especially if your park is affected by seasonality.

Additionally, you can include holiday deals and specials to retain loyal campers. For instance, you can use campground management software to send personalized messages to returning guests and offer holiday rates. If you’re offering new features or activities at your campground such as sleigh rides or holiday meals, you can tailor your pricing and messages around them.


Provide a Warm Guest Experience

Not only can you provide a warm and welcoming experience at your campground by hosting fun holiday campground activities, but you can also provide a memorable guest experience with a guest portal.

A guest portal within an all-in-one reservation management system can provide your campers with:

  • Information on their check-in/check-out times
  • Upgrades for their stay
  • Past payment transactions and methods
  • Opportunities to ask questions they may have

Additionally, a campground management system that uses automation tools allows you to send personalized emails and texts — like a welcome SMS text on the day they arrive at your campground or a campground review request after they’ve checked out.


Internet Booking Engine

An internet booking engine (IBE) allows your guests to skip booking through an online travel agency (OTA) and book directly through your website. An IBE can also work with a dynamic pricing tool if available with your campground management software, to adjust your rates according to your current occupancy levels. 

Besides increased bookings and optimized rates, you can also boost your revenue by avoiding some OTA fees with an IBE. Because your bookings update in real-time, you can focus on other tasks without sacrificing the quality of your guest experience on your website. 

This addition can be crucial for this holiday season, especially if you’re offering holiday specials or deals that can be viewed on your website. For example, if you’re hosting a holiday meal or other campsite holiday events, your visitors can see them from your website alongside your current campsite reservation availability. 


Promote a Festive Campsite With the Right Management Software

There are plenty of things to do at a campsite for the holidays that your guests will adore. You have the opportunity this season to host some amazing campground activities that your guests will cherish for years to come.

The right campground management software can help you prepare your campsite to provide the best guest experience for the holidays. With automated front desk and booking features, you can make your campground a holiday hit this year.

But the holiday season is not the only time you can provide your guests with great moments. For campground managers, you should strive to provide an excellent experience for your guests all year. For that, we have the perfect guide to create and maintain operational excellence no matter the season.

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