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Improving Camper Communication With Campground Management Software

With today’s technology, there are so many ways to communicate that it becomes nearly impossible to manage all channels of guest communication. From conversing on different booking websites to phone calls and emails, things just get lost in the shuffle.

Fortunately, today’s technology also has led to the development of streamlined campground management software that truly is like a breath of fresh air. 

You can avoid guest communication mistakes with the right tool — a solution that neatly compiles interactions in a single place and delivers a great experience for your campers while streamlining your operations. After all, communication is key.

Let’s take a look at critical communication features.

Campground Management Software Features That Improve Camper Communication


Guest Portal for Centralized Communication

Your campers already expect a way to remotely check in and check out, but a guest portal serves an even more important role. The best campground management software provides a centralized location for two-way communications between you, your campers, and your staff within the portal.

Guest Portal Benefits for Your Campers

Campers can access the guest portal from any device at any hour of the day, making it a convenient tool to manage their reservations and track their travel details. They can even use the portal to make changes to their expected arrival or departure time, purchase supplies ahead of arrival, and access their payment history. 

The guest portal also serves as a branded central message center that lets your campers make special requests, ask questions, or even inquire about accessibility features at your campground. The message center can also dispatch notices that require a response from your guests, such as liability waivers.

Guest portals can directly improve the guest experience, but the right platform will offer a fully integrated guest portal that streamlines your operations so you and your staff have more time to focus on your campers. 

Guest Portal Benefits for You and Your Staff

When given the ability to manage their reservations in one place, many campers will make their own changes without calling or sending an email. When reservations are changed, you are notified so there are no surprises. 

More importantly, the guest portal consolidates all communications into one centralized dashboard, eliminating the need for you or your staff to bounce between multiple channels. Just as with reservation changes, when a camper sends a message, you are immediately notified so you don’t miss any important questions or comments. You then can respond instantly, providing superior customer service.


Email and SMS Text Messaging for Camper Communication

Just as a guest portal’s purpose extends beyond providing your campers with remote check-in, email and SMS text messaging can be used for far more than marketing your property. Both of these methods can be used for quick and easy communications between you and your campers before, during, and after their stay.


The right campground property management software will allow you to create automated, triggered, and scheduled email communications to improve the camper experience. 

For example, a branded, automated email when a reservation is made lets you confirm camping details but also provides the opportunity to give additional information to your campers. With an expected 65% open rate, confirmation emails are the perfect way to highlight the guest portal and explain how they can use SMS text messaging to connect with your campground staff.

Additional triggered emails can be scheduled to remind campers of their upcoming stays, welcome them once they check in, invite them to join your loyalty program, and thank them for their visit.

SMS Text Messaging

SMS messages are becoming a more and more convenient way to communicate on the go. In fact, all generations are using text messaging now, and nearly half of US consumers actually prefer text messaging.

Campground management software that includes this feature lets you send automated or manual messages to individuals or groups. For example, you can create an automated welcome text message to be sent when each camper checks in. Or, all current campers can receive a reminder that a special event is about to start. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overuse this communication method and use it selectively for critical information.


Elevate Your Campground Communication Strategies 

Are you ready to dive deeper into using campground management software to improve camper communication? Learn how proactive, personalized communication will improve the camper experience in “The Ultimate Guest Communication Guide for Campground Owners”.

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