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3 Things To Remember When Starting an RV Park Business

When it comes to opening an RV park, there are more considerations than just paperwork and acreage. Creating an elevated guest experience through your campground amenities, customer service, and seamless operations are key to achieving operational excellence. Here are three elements you can incorporate into your RV park business plan to establish a successful brand. 

Prioritize the Camper Experience 

Starting an RV park business requires thinking about your marketing strategy. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing “tool,” and it results in five times more sales than paid ads. When your campers have a great experience, they will talk about you with their friends and family. These personal recommendations instill the highest level of trust in your brand.  

Here are three types of services and benefits that will increase guest satisfaction when your park opens: 


1. Glamping/Amenities

Glamping, the act of “glamorous camping,” has grown by 310% over the past ten years. Although millennials and Gen Z most commonly take advantage of glamping, glamping appeals to all generations. 

Glamping options don’t have to be cost-prohibitive. Yurts are an easy way to create a comfortable and luxurious environment while allowing your campers to take advantage of the outdoor world. 

Even though your campers will enjoy all that nature has to offer, there are other traditional travel amenities that, when added, increase camper satisfaction. 

WiFi. Complimentary WiFi has become almost expected even at campgrounds. Although some of your guests may want to unplug, there are many who include WiFi as a necessary utility rather than an “amenity.”

Spaces for physical activity. Your piece of the great outdoors will most likely offer opportunities for both hiking and biking. When you add other amenities, you provide options for all of your campers, even those who don’t hike or bike. Swimming pools and exercise facilities are two luxury additions that enhance your property.

Group activity locations. Holding camp-wide activities is important, but with so many extended family and friends traveling together, group venues are important. Rentable pavilions, a set-aside bonfire space, or even an outdoor theater give you and your guest the opportunity to gather. 

Site for photo opportunities. Your RV park will be the place for amazing memories. What better way for your guests to remember their experience than adding Instagrammable spots? Natural backdrops or even an outdoor “photo booth” will help your guests produce phenomenal photos that they are sure to share on social media. 


2. Activities

Making memories also involves participating in memorable activities. As you start to plan, remember to include kid-friendly, family-friendly, and adult options. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Movie night
  • Craft classes
  • Game check-out or rentals, i.e., cornhole, board games, volleyball equipment, etc. 
  • Bonfires, complete w/ s’mores
  • Karaoke

3. Self-service Options

Starting an RV park business should begin with putting your future guests first. Prioritizing the guest experience goes beyond camping enhancements; it also means ensuring that your campers have the ability to manage their stay conveniently.

Simply put, campers are tech-savvy and accustomed to using both online and app resources. They expect the same tech-assisted experience when RV camping as well.

Mobile check-in/out lets your guests get in and out of your RV park quickly and easily. And, having multiple RVs arrive at the same time or a late arrival doesn’t require your staff to stress. Self-serve check-in and out should be part of your robust guest portal, which also allows your guests to manage their reservations independently and communicate directly with the staff without making a call or going to the office. 


Focus on Elevating Your Staff Training 

Well before opening an RV park, employees need to be prepared. Training your staff to prioritize the camper experience should be part of a continuous training program. With comprehensive initial and ongoing training, your staff will be productive and efficient through both busy and slow seasons. 

Here are topics to include: 

  • Active listening
  • Customer service skills
  • Complaint resolution
  • A customer-focused mindset
  • Communications skills, including face-to-face, phone, email, and chat

Additionally, your staff needs to be thoroughly familiar with all campground rules and established policies and procedures. And, more importantly, a critical training topic is how to use your reservation management software.


Choose the Right Reservation Software

One of the most important decisions you need to make for your RV park business plan is which reservation software to use. There are multiple products available, but choosing the right one will streamline operations, free up staff time, and improve the guest experience. 

Top-of-class reservation management software will allow you to automate many time-intensive tasks, use integrations to boost reservations and other channel revenues, and deploy dynamic pricing.  


Planning For a Successful Future Requires Operational Excellence 

Achieving operational excellence should be the end-all-be-all goal when starting an RV park business from the ground up. If you can streamline your operations and focus on creating memorable experiences for every visitor within your RV park business plan, your reputation can grow exponentially.  

Download our eBook and learn how to achieve operational excellence with a reservation management system that can save you time and money while enhancing your campers' stay.  

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