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3 Ways To Increase Revenue With Self-service Technology

To keep up with the changing expectations and needs of campers and boaters, many outdoor property managers are looking for ways to streamline their customer service operations. 

As the popularity of self-service technology has become a staple in many other industries, your campers and boaters now expect the same technology from you. Below, we’ll discuss what self-service software is and three ways it can help you increase your property’s revenue.


What Is Self-Service and Its Benefits?

Self-service technology provided by reservation management software allows campers and boaters to meet their needs without needing help from staff members. For example, self-service technology enables your visitors to have full control over every stage of the reservation process while automating your front desk operations.

Furthermore, travelers of younger generations have shown a higher desire for self-service features than for face-to-face support. In fact, 73% of travelers responded that they would be more inclined to stay at a park that uses self-service technologies to reduce interactions with other visitors and personnel.

Some of the additional benefits of using a self-service platform are:


How to Increase Revenue With Self-service Software


1. Reduce Labor Costs

Many outdoor properties don’t provide 24/7 customer support to answer queries or check in late-night arrivals, making it difficult to account for each visitor as they arrive.

Customer self-service technology is not meant to replace staff, but to assist with their daily tasks. The goal should be to empower guests with autonomy over their stay. Self-service tools are a great way to reduce labor costs — without sacrificing guest satisfaction — by allowing your staff to work on higher-priority tasks.


2. Increase Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities

Self-service technology can also increase revenue at your property through cross and upselling opportunities. By leveraging self-service technology tools, your visitors can select additional amenities, reservation upgrades, and additional products and services, allowing you to increase ancillary revenue.

If your reservation management software provides robust reporting and historical data of past purchases, you can use the data to tailor your offerings to meet each camper’s preferences.


3. Capitalize on Guest Satisfaction

A positive guest experience at every touchpoint is crucial, as satisfied guests are more likely to advocate for your brand across offline and online channels. The more satisfied campers are with their stay, the more likely they are to share their thoughts with friends and family,  their social media followers, or even by leaving positive reviews on your website and/or Google. 

In addition to capitalizing on guest satisfaction to drive new visitors to your park, self-service technology can help you maximize guest loyalty to keep existing campers and boaters coming back year after year. In fact, businesses that use self-service technology maintain 68% of their customers.

You can achieve loyal guests and create the best positive experiences by:

  • Utilizing chatbots to eliminate wait times for support 
  • Providing a streamlined and intuitive experience so guests have a clear path to answering their queries
  • Enabling them to manage every aspect of their reservations without needing to contact the front desk


Upgrade Your Park With Self-service Software

Self-service technology can provide several benefits that boost the guest experience, optimize task management for your staff, and lead to higher ROI and revenue at your property.

When paired with cutting-edge reservation management software, you can provide the best experience for both your guests and staff at every touchpoint. Learn more about all-in-one reservation management software and its self-service capabilities for your park.

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