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5 Time-Consuming Activities Solved by Campground Reservation Software

Managing a single campground is far from easy. If you have multiple properties, operational challenges are compounded further.

The purpose of campground reservation software is to relieve the workload on campground personnel by handling or automating many routine operations. Below, we’ll go over the many challenges reservation management software solves to help you successfully manage all of your properties.


1. Accepting and Managing Reservations

Campers today expect their travel destinations to accommodate their needs and provide a quick and smooth booking process. 

Most of all, they expect a reservation process that allows them to book online. 

By 2027, 59% of revenue in the camping sector is estimated to come from online sales. With this expected increase, campgrounds must provide the option to book directly through their site; a tool that reservation management software can provide.

By digitizing and automating your campground operations with campground management software, you can take the stress off your staff without sacrificing customer support or missing out on reservations.


Checking In Campers

Checking in campers is often a time-consuming, mundane task staff performs daily. It’s not just inefficient for your team, but for your guests too, who must wait their turn in line.

Taking this process online with campground reservation software promotes a great guest experience and boosts your team’s productivity. Digitizing and simplifying the reservation process allows campers to:

  • Check your availability and see which days and times work best for them 
  • Fill out their information promptly
  • Pay online rather than at the front desk

By utilizing campground reservation software, you give campers total flexibility to facilitate their entire reservation process without staff intervention or contact.

Additionally, with self-check-in services, you won't need to stop what you're doing to check campers in. Instead, guests will receive an email or text message, inviting them to check in online themselves.


Sending Camper Communications

A campground reservation software can reduce the time your front desk spends sending notifications to campers. Your employees won't have to spend time manually producing and delivering booking confirmations, pre-stay upsells, check-in emails, invoices, or even post-stay feedback requests to each camper. With personalized email templates, you can also automate guest communications and tailor messaging based on their preferences and reservation details.


2. Manual Data Entry

Manually updating and inputting data is extremely time-consuming and risks human errors. For every property, you need to manually update every reservation and all customer information, both of which change often. Juggling these tasks creates more errors and sometimes overbooking of already-occupied campsites.

With campground management software, you can say goodbye to manual updates and say hello to these automated tasks:

  • Store, organize, and update camper information
  • Minimize data entry errors, such as updates to camper records or preferences
  • Manage reservations to alleviate the workload of your staff

Additionally, your management capabilities can be improved further with your software’s revenue and channel management tools to automate rates in real time according to your campground’s needs. 


3. Accessing Information

Do you find yourself switching between platforms to update or check camper reservations and records? Perhaps you manage multiple properties and find yourself getting lost managing every single property. 

Digitized operations have the benefit of a centralized platform. This can save you and your staff time, as you won't need to jump from place to place for data management tasks.

With the right campground reservation system, you have the ability to check vital information at any time from a mobile device — all from a centralized location. Your task management will be more streamlined and your staff will become more organized as a result.


4. Staff Management

Does your staff struggle to quickly and cohesively communicate? What about updating every staff member’s tasks for the day? With reservation management software, you can tie your staff together for more streamlined communication and operations, no matter if you own one or several properties.

Your campground reservation software will give you the ability to see the progress of each task across your campsite and manage and track reservations at any time — all from a mobile device. 


5. Reporting

It's time-consuming to consolidate and analyze data manually, but having the most data and insight into your operations is important. 

With campsite management software, you can extract your camper database, verify statistics, and review revenue standings with just a few mouse clicks, granting you the most insight into your operations across all properties.

Campground reservation software also reduces how long it takes staff to prepare invoices and operations reports.


Save Time and Money With Campground Reservation Software

By automating manual activities, connecting to your other systems, and freeing your staff to do more demanding tasks, campground reservation software can help you save time significantly. You can then focus on what really matters — improving the guest experience and increasing revenue.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re able to accomplish with campground management software. Discover more capabilities with the RMS Ultimate Guide to All in One Reservation Management today.


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