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5 Features for Seamless Government and Military Housing Management

Accommodating U.S. service personnel is a great honor, but your property has to be organized and efficient to meet the expectations for government and military housing management. Here, we’ll discuss the five features of an all-in-one reservation management system that can support your efforts.

5 Features for Military Housing Management Prowess


1. Multi-Property Management Tools

Juggling the needs of multiple properties at once can be challenging. Additionally, having to log onto your property platforms one at a time can be tedious and time-consuming.

If your reservation system allows, you can quickly access information to manage multiple housing accommodations from the same cloud-based platform at any time. This ease of access can help you and your staff stay connected with government and military guests so you can provide exceptional service to those who serve our country. You can also switch between properties and control who has access to what information.


An integrated housekeeping portal for each property lets staff see and complete tasks within the same interface. With just a few steps, you can seamlessly move from one property’s data to another, without having to log in to each property one at a time. Your staff can use the housekeeping portal on mobile devices for convenient task tracking. 


2. Security Features for Ease of Mind

From a secured online payment process to safe data storage in the cloud, guests will be reassured that you take cybersecurity seriously. Security features of the best reservation management software include:

According to the National Academy of Sciences, data stored in the cloud is “generally more secure than data stored in a home computer connected to the Internet.” However, not every online reservation system is secure enough to reassure government and military personnel. To uphold strict security standards, check that your software provider is U.S. Department of Defense IL4 certified.

A secure government and military housing management system will allow you to create tailored interfaces for different management levels of your staff within each property. So, you can give them access to the data and tools they need, without over-exposing company or guest data. 


3. Robust Reporting Features 

With robust integrations, the right online reservation system can give you insights by pulling data from all booking platforms. You’ll also use revenue management tools in tandem with reporting to set budgets and more.

A reporting tool within a fully integrated system can allow for over 200 pre-built and custom reports. You can use a cross-property data review to compare all of your properties and gain insight into your business as a whole. Additionally, you can automate reports and have them emailed to you and key stakeholders for straightforward reporting. 


4. Revenue Management Tools

Revenue management tools control the finances of your properties. Since some of these tools can be automated, you can set each property up for success — ahead of time.

Dynamic Pricing 

You can set pricing guidelines in advance with a dynamic pricing integration. This way, rates will automatically adjust to reflect current occupancy levels, special rate promotions, and more. 

Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

An IBE can increase revenue with a direct booking feature used on your website. With a responsive design and a “Book Now” button, you can encourage website visitors to efficiently book their reservations and purchase upgrade options all at once. The IBE can seamlessly integrate with your software so that your reporting feature can pull all data from your website including traffic, website user habits, and booking information.


5. Guest Portal

An integrated guest portal provides accurate communication between your guests and your property. Within the portal, guests can view and manage their reservations as well as directly communicate with your staff for special requests or questions. They can also sign digital agreements, print receipts, and securely provide your property with any sensitive information regarding their stay. This is especially important in case of pandemic restrictions or other rescheduling needs.

Any SMS direct messaging communication between the guest and your staff can be conveniently stored under the reservation to provide knowledge-backed customer service and informed decision-making. You can also edit the theme, branding, and more so that each property’s guest portal has its own branding for ultimate visibility. 


Manage Military Housing With Robust Software

Keeping your guests satisfied with their stay starts with the right military and government housing management strategy. If you have all the tools needed to implement your strategy at your fingertips, you can provide the best guest experience possible for all government and military personnel on each and every visit. 

RMS provides robust software that can be seamlessly integrated with the tools and systems you are already using to help streamline your processes. To discover how an all-in-one online reservation system can revitalize your business, download the Ultimate Guide.

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