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How to Measure Guest Experience: 3 KPIs To Track

As an owner or manager, you already know the importance of improving the guest experience at your outdoor property — but did you know it’s also necessary to measure the guest experience? 

By using specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your guests’ experiences, you’ll gain clear insights into their favorite aspects of your property and areas to improve, which enables you to set goals, adjust your operations and take your business to the next level. 

Below, we’ll discuss three main KPIs that your business should track to have an overall picture of your property’s customer satisfaction standing. 

What 3 KPIs Should I Focus on Measuring? 

1. Guest Reviews and Satisfaction Surveys

By examining guest reviews and satisfaction surveys, you can have first-person explanations of how people are experiencing your property. It’s crucial to pay close attention to what your guests are saying in their reviews, as they have taken the time to tell you what they enjoyed and did not enjoy about your property. 

In order to create numerical data on this information, you will want to know how many positive and negative reviews you’ve received within a certain time period and keep track of your overall rating on review platforms. For example, if you compile all reviews from March 1 - 31, you can compare those numbers against the next month’s data to see if there is any change in the ratio of positive vs. negative reviews. You will also be able to see if overall you went from a 4.2 star rating on Facebook or Google, to a 4.5 star rating. Once you know your current standings, you can make goals to reach a certain number of reviews or to achieve a certain average rating.

You’ll also want to consider keeping track of similar complaints and praises to understand how to prioritize the changes you plan to make from this feedback. For example, if half of your guests have noted that you have plumbing issues, fixing the plumbing should become a priority. 

Overall, listen closely to your guests’ feedback and make sure to resolve any issues in a timely manner. By measuring the guest satisfaction rate, you can more effectively manage and improve your outdoor property, which will improve the guest experience. 

2. Loyal Customers

With a reservation management system that provides you with guest data, you’ll be able to see if visitors have previously stayed at your property. Repeat guests are often an indicator that you are a positive experience at your campsite. 

By monitoring and tracking your repeat customers, you can see if your property is doing a good job at providing memorable experiences that drive guests to return, and if so, how often. You can then set goals for the number of returning guests that you would like to strive for during certain time periods and adjust your operations or offerings to meet those goals. 

For example, you could implement a comment from your staff as guests are checking out that is something along the lines of “we hope you had a great time and join us again soon, perhaps for the upcoming holiday celebrations.” For these loyal customers, you could also consider building a loyalty program that includes discounted rates or special offers for guests to help reach your goals. 


3. Referrals

How many of your current customers suggest your property to new customers? 

When someone books a visit to your property for the first time, ask them how they heard about your campground or marina. If they mention that a friend recommended your property, this reflects your business’s positive reputation and the experiences you provide to your guests.

When you receive an increased number of referrals, that growth is a positive indication that the overall experience at your property has improved, and your guests are excited to share your campsite with others. It’s important to have an idea of how many referrals you typically book in a timeframe so that you can set goals to increase that number.

If you are looking to reach a goal for referrals that you set to track the guest experience, you can build a loyalty program or offer a discount for guests who recommend your property to other potential visitors. 

Improve the Guest Experience To Enhance Your Business

Guest satisfaction is at the heart of the hospitality industry, so it’s crucial to prioritize the camper experience by working towards operational excellence. Whether you start by measuring new KPIs, adding personalization to your guest communication, or something else altogether, these steps are great ways to improve your business, works towards new goals and entice your visitors.

Ready to start tracking some KPIs and learn how to improve the guest experience at your property? Download our guide on operational excellence and get started today! 


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