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5 Campground Software Reporting Tips To Boost Visibility

The path to operational excellence may seem like a daunting one — you know you want to save time and money while improving the guest experience, but how do you get started? 

One way to get a clear view of your campground’s operational performance is through business intelligence (BI). By having the ability to examine every component of your business, you can determine where you stand as a company and strategize the best way to scale. Below, we’ll cover five tips to boost data visibility using a BI reporting tool within all-in-one campground software.


Know What Metrics You Should Be Tracking

It’s important to focus on the reports that can make a significant difference in your business strategy. For campgrounds, data visibility in these areas will empower you to make strategic changes to improve operational efficiency: 


  • Popular Booking Days/Times
  • Occupancy Rates
  • Length of Stay
  • OTA Performance
  • Operating Expenses
  • Revenue

As you adjust your strategy, you may find additional metrics worthwhile. These five tips can help you maximize the reporting feature of your software:


5 Campground Software Reporting Tips


1. Make Sure Your Campground Software Has Advanced Reporting

If your reservation management system does not offer reporting,  you’re likely missing out on crucial insights into your campground’s operations. For example, at the end of the season, you may have to estimate if you met your booking goals, calculate your revenue, and manually evaluate the time your team spent working to see your property analysis.

An advanced reporting tool will allow you to use different types of reports including:

  • Daily reports such as scheduled arrivals
  • Weekly or monthly financial reports such as revenue received
  • Custom reports that allow for visibility in the areas you need

Even if you or your staff are unfamiliar with using a reporting feature to create custom reports, robust software should have self-guided training options that can help you to master the ins and outs of BI reporting.


2. Configure Reporting to Your Specific Needs

Your campground’s insight needs are unique, which means your reporting tools should be flexible to provide whatever data round-up you require. 

If you can’t customize the reports specifically for the types of insights you need, you may be lacking data visibility that could help you improve your property analysis. 

For example, some campground software may allow you to compare reports across multiple properties without having to log in or out of each one. You can also share reports with multiple property owners for maximum visibility across campsites. 


3. Pull Additional Insights Using Integrations 

You can gain visibility by utilizing information on individuals' interactions with your property from multiple channels through platform integrations. If you’re unable to group your property visitors by their age, location, or other relevant information, you’re missing out on creating several personalization opportunities. Integrations such as booking platforms can be used for real-time insights.

For example, you could pull camper information that was received through a guest portal to understand your guest’s preferences. This personal camper data can give you accurate visibility of your operations and the guest experience.


4. Automate Reports

Optimal visibility means getting the data you need without having to hunt it down. Expense reporting is one of the most common ways to gain insight into financial operational status and opportunities. This makes easy access to this hospitality data incredibly important for your property analysis. 

If you are unable to monitor your business data regularly, you could be missing facility flaws, unnecessary expenses, and additional concerns that are creating avoidable costs for your property. 

Automating reports can ensure you view data consistently. If applicable with your campground software, you can set up reports to be automatically emailed to you and key stakeholders for maximum visibility. This allows for data-backed decision making, which can save you time and money.


5. Grant Reporting Access When Necessary

While visibility is important, sensitive business and camper data should not be accessible to just anyone. All-in-one campground reservation software protects private information by letting you choose who can see what reports. You can also change permissions when needed so that you can show a report temporarily, such as for training or internal presentations. Controlled data visibility can help you to manage your campground while protecting your business and your campers.


Attain Operational Excellence With All-in-One Campground Software 

With the ability to create and save accurate, up-to-date reports on your properties, you can increase your awareness of everything that occurs. By noting the metrics that matter most to you, you can ensure your property stays on track to attain operational excellence. 

Explore how the best campground reservation software can improve your reporting processes and day-to-day operations by downloading our Operational Excellence in Hospitality ebook today.


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