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What technology should I focus on to welcome guests back safely?

What technology should I focus on to welcome guests back safely?

“I have read that where possible, hotels should have technology in place that reduces contact between guests and hotel staff. What technology should I be focusing on in my property right now so that I’m ready to welcome guests back safely once travel starts picking up again?”

As the world considers a post-COVID-19 future, many hoteliers are realizing that even as travel returns, the hospitality industry will not be conducting business as usual. Since guests will be looking for safe, hygienic hospitality experiences with social distancing in mind, make sure your property management system (PMS) offers the following tools that allow you to welcome them back safely throughout their entire guest experience.

As travel starts picking up again, use guest communication features such as email marketing and SMS messaging to provide guests real-time information about reopening dates and reservation updates. When booking a reservation, make sure guests have the ability to book online through an internet booking engine (IBE) while also allowing for contactless upsells during the reservation process. Before arrival, your PMS should offer an online guest portal that allows guests to take control of their own experience, including tracking and managing their reservation, communicating with the property, and making payments.

Technology can also limit the amount of guest and staff interaction necessary once guests are on your property. Hoteliers should give guests the option of contactless, self-service mobile check-in and check-out through the guest portal or kiosks. Look for a PMS that offers online payment options and online transactions such as digital contracts to limit face-to-face contact. Guests will also be concerned about having a safe and hygienic stay, putting a larger focus on housekeeping. To avoid any in-room contact, hoteliers should ensure their PMS provides a mobile housekeeping portal with real-time room status updates.

Hotel technology is evolving to focus on contactless guest experiences and interaction on guests’ own terms. People will have a lot of choices when travel returns, and hoteliers should ensure their properties are best positioned to meet guests’ needs in order to increase market share during recovery.

Originally Published in Lodging Magazine:

Answered by Raul Lopez, Account Manager, RMS North America

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