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What Is SaaS for Campgrounds and Outdoor Properties?

Have you heard of the term, “SaaS”? With the rising popularity of cloud-computing and the increased demand for data security in the hospitality industry, a SaaS platform or solution is a viable — and ideal — option for managing your business. 

As a campground manager or valued staff member, you want your operations to run smoothly. Here is a quick rundown of SaaS and how to use a campground booking engine to your advantage.

What Is SaaS?

Software as a service, or SaaS for short, is when cloud-based software is used online through a subscription service. To use the software, you would log in to your software service provider’s platform and manage your operations from there.  This is in contrast to a software program being bought and installed on individual computers.

One key benefit of SaaS applications is that there aren’t any maintenance requirements on your end. Since SaaS applications run on their provider’s servers, the provider is responsible for:

  • Granting access to the application.
  • Application security.
  • Availability and updates.
  • Performance of the application.

Types of SaaS in the Campground Industry

There are several types of SaaS solutions in the campground industry including:

  • Campground booking engines.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Accounting software.
  • Email marketing software.

Rather than buying and downloading campground management software, you can use the software online through your SaaS provider.

Since SaaS solutions are so convenient, it’s no wonder that management software services are becoming a must-have for businesses of all sizes.

What Are the Benefits of SaaS Solutions for Campground Property Management?

Besides keeping up with the times, there are several benefits of SaaS solutions, like online reservation software for campground management. 

1. Ease of Accessibility

If you own or manage multiple properties, it can be difficult to continuously keep tabs on all of your properties. With cloud-based software, multiple users can access your campsite booking software and manage different properties all in one place.

The days of being tied to your desk to manage your property are over. Using campsite booking software, you can gain insights on bookings and receive real-time updates anywhere, anytime, using any device. This means you can avoid the challenges you would have without a reservation SaaS solution in place, and have more time to communicate with your guests once they arrive.

2. Improving Operations

If you streamline your booking processes using a SaaS platform, your guests can easily see real-time availability at your property. This could be a game-changer when it comes to increasing your bookings. 

With a SaaS campground booking engine, your property management tools are hosted and stored on your provider’s server, which means you won’t need to worry about hard drive crashes or temporary power outages disrupting your operations.

What’s more, cloud-based software can keep properties from accidentally sharing sensitive information with guests or booking agents. Having this means less time trying to troubleshoot avoidable issues.

3. Data Security

Keeping your data organized and safe is important for running a successful campground. If you manage your bookings through cloud-based campground online reservation software, you can make sure that no reservations get lost — or worse — mixed up.

Even more importantly, if your database is secure in the cloud-like it is with SaaS, the possibility of data breaches and security threats are greatly reduced. 

Make sure that your SaaS platform solution has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and is PCI compliant to maintain the security of your guests’ billing and other confidential personal information. Having this peace of mind is extremely important not just for you, but all of your staff and guests.

4. Helping Your Business Grow

SaaS solutions help businesses, including campground owners, reduce spending and maximize ROI by eliminating the cost of installation and ongoing maintenance of physical hardware servers. This means that you won’t need to worry about hiring specialized and high-wage IT staff.

Also, because SaaS is web-based, your computers don’t need to be networked together. This will save you time that can be better used to grow your business.

An All-in-One Reservation and Property Management Tool

With RMS, you are getting a complete SaaS solution that has all the business components you need. For example, you can utilize the marketing tools to attract more guests at your property, the reporting tools to make data-driven decisions, and the booking tools to manage all of your reservations in one place. 

By relying on RMS’ cloud-based reservation management software, you can operate more efficiently through:

  • Access to your bookings anywhere anytime. All you need is an internet connection to use your campground booking engine.
  • Allowing guests to book online. With real-time availability, you don’t have to worry about double bookings.
  • Skipping regular maintenance and checkups. Through secure data storage, the information you store won’t go anywhere just because your computer gives out.

Discover how the right SaaS, like a campground reservation and property management solution, can change your business for the better in this free guide today. 


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