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Using Your PMS to Maximize Revenue

Now is the time for campground owners to ensure their park management system (PMS) has the features and functionality they need to achieve their business goals as travel recovers.

With properties closed or operating at a minimum for the past few months, revenue streams for most parks and campgrounds are slower than usual. As travel begins to pick up and properties start getting more traffic, it is important to focus on using your PMS to its full potential in order to maximize revenue.

To get the most return on your technology investment, look for a PMS with built-in revenue-generating features to increase your revenue.

Capture More Bookings

Utilize any tools that your PMS offers to capture as many bookings as possible. A fully integrated PMS should provide an Internet booking engine that allows you to display real-time availability and capture more stays through direct online bookings on your website. An integrated channel manager enables you to connect to all major online travel agencies (OTAs) and update rates and availability across channels instantly. Look for a PMS with built-in marketing tools that will have the ability to send targeted email campaigns that include promotional codes that guests can apply to their reservation through the online booking engine.

Utilize Pricing Tools

Your PMS should offer pricing tools that help you maximize your revenue through rate management. Dynamic pricing allows campground owners to create pricing rules that automatically adjust rates based on supply and demand to maximize yield or occupancy. Derived Rates are an easy way to create various rates off of your master rate, which will result in time saved and increased revenue. A control panel allows you to seamlessly make modifications to your rates as necessary.

Create Upsell Opportunities

Look for a PMS that allows for various upsell items that guests can add during the reservation process which will maximize revenue per booking. Extra items like firewood or pet fees can be seamlessly integrated with your Internet booking engine to add revenue streams when guests are booking their stay. A fully integrated PMS should also offer a guest rewards program that incentivizes guests to stay at your property, again and again, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and encouraging guests to spend more to receive rewards.

Originally Published in Woodalls Campground Management:

Editor’s note: This column was written by Marc Devereux, a sales account executive at RMS North America. With 21 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including leadership roles in sales, travel and technology, Marc Devereux is an expert at generating revenue, closing new business and building relationships to retain long-term customers. As a sales account executive at RMS North America, Devereux is responsible for generating new RV park, campground and hotel business and ensuring that customers continue to get their needs met through RMS solutions.

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