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5 Tips for Effective Operational Excellence Strategy & Demand Creation

Outdoor properties can discover how they’re fueling their revenue pipeline by reviewing current sales and marketing efforts. Once they know where they stand, they can create an operational excellence strategy to create demand for reservations and improve their numbers.

For demand creation tips to get your own strategy rolling, read on.   


What Is Demand Creation?

Simply put by The Mx Group, “ takes your big idea — the creative appeal of your brand — and turns it into sales.” Also known as demand generation, it’s the process in which you attract, engage, and manage your target audience and their needs. 

You can accomplish this by using these tips to create your strategy:


1. An Operational Excellence Strategy Starts With the Three Ds

Before you can maximize your bookings, you’ll need to take a look at the “three Ds.” This framework for your strategy will enable you to drive reservations if you execute it effectively.


Before you start, define your target audience. Who is most likely to visit your campground, RV park, or marina? You may be able to find information about your “typical” camper or boater by looking through your past guest reviews and booking information. 


Next, develop relevant content. What information would your campers and boaters need to know about your property? By helping your target audience get the information they need, you can increase your reputation and prepare your guests to make memorable experiences.


Finally, distribute your content in a way that your audience will see it. How can you share your information so that it reaches interested individuals and families? 


2. Use Omnichannel Strategies To Reach Your Audience

You can expose your property to potential visitors with a booking-optimized website that incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This will help campers who search online to find your website, giving you the opportunity to wow them with valuable content. 

Another key consideration is social media engagement. By posting high-quality photos, exciting content, and responding to messages on your social media account pages, you’ll reach more potential campers and boaters. You can also use paid ads across these social media channels to increase brand awareness.

Demand Creation With Email Marketing

An omnichannel strategy can be used to create a seamless experience for your guests. For example, some campground reservation software will allow you to use guest data to send personalized emails with reservation information, special offers, and more.  


3. Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

Cater to the latest camping trends to attract campers. Not only can keeping up with new trends maximize your bookings, but it can also improve the guest experience. This component of your operational excellence strategy helps to meet the expectations of your campers, especially millennials.

Camping trend considerations include:

Another crucial approach to drive reservations that also provides those with all abilities the chance to visit is through creating an accessible property.


4. Use Automation

Automation streamlines your operations and frees up your staff to focus on taking care of your guests on-site. With automation, you can send your guests relevant communications such as confirmation emails, payment confirmations, and more.

If available with your reservation software, a dynamic pricing tool can be used to automatically adjust reservation rates based on pre-set guidelines. This feature can allow you to increase bookings by lowering rates in the slow season and increase your revenue by increasing rates during busier times such as holidays. 


5. Focus on Customer Retention

By offering a memorable guest experience and enticing repeat bookings, you can increase your revenue with your budget in mind. A Harvard Business Review found that businesses capable of increasing their customer retention by 5% resulted in an increase in profits of 25-95 percent. 

Invesp consulting reported that existing contacts are 60-70% likely to do business with you — compared to a 5-20% chance with new prospects. If you focus on visitors who have already experienced a great time at your property, you’re more likely to see them again. Consider offering perks for returning customers or discounted rates through a loyalty program so that your loyal guests feel valued and appreciated.


The Road to Operational Excellence

Creating an effective operational excellence strategy that drives revenue is only one step towards the future of your business. You’ll also need streamlined operations, processes that enhance the guest experience, and a way to implement and track the progress of your strategies to adapt and grow your property above and beyond industry standards.

Download our Operational Excellence guide to ensure your business is successful.

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