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3 Training Resources Your Park Management System Should Provide

SaaS Training Should Be Tailored to You

Implementing a new technology system can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. When comparing reservation systems, choose a solution that will ensure your property is set up for success by streamlining your operations to increase revenue.

Your Park Management System (PMS) should offer an on-boarding process that includes a dedicated specialist to help ensure your property is optimized. Additionally, your PMS should also provide training tools in an online learning center so that you and your staff have access to continuous learning opportunities when new features or updates become available.

Look for a cloud-based PMS with robust features and functionality that offers the following three tools to ensure you are best positioned for success.

1. Strategic Onboarding

Your PMS provider should offer a dedicated software installation specialist and ease your transition through a strategic on-boarding process. It is important that your new provider has the capability to help you clean up your historic data and import only the information that will support your future business strategy into your new system. Your software specialist should take the time to fully understand your business goals and then create a personalized implementation plan to get your property up and running with the features and functionality that best position you for success. These services should be delivered via one-on-one online or in-person training sessions.

2. Ongoing Training

Once you have been fully on-boarded, your PMS provider should provide you with additional training opportunities that give you a path forward, no matter your property’s size or complexity. Webinars, virtual or in-person user events and additional onsite or online personalized training will help you and your staff expand your software knowledge and enhance your system's impact on the bottom line. An online learning center will allow staff to take advantage of any downtime and learn about features and best practices that prepare your system for peak performance. Make sure your PMS provider also offers 24/7 in-house support with highly experienced staff that can continue to help you optimize your PMS.

3. Self-Guided Online Resource

A customer-focused PMS will offer a variety of self-guided training tools including an online Help Center and a robust YouTube channel. These step-by-step help files and videos on features in the system provide the opportunity to learn more about specific modules without having to contact a software specialist. A highly configurable system should also offer a self-guided online training program that allows your staff to enhance their system knowledge and become certified in your software. These self-guided online resources will ease the on-boarding process for new hires and assist existing staff stay at the forefront of optimizing day-to-day operations.


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